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E DITOR Disgusted by defenders of Racist-in-Chief Trump

To the editor: Really, Mr. Wokatsch? Only a village idiot would believe that Democrats are going to eliminate the police.

Hang on! It’s gonna be the Wild West. Everywhere! But, wait, first they’re going to take all the guns. Or maybe you believe they’re going to get all our gasoline cars and we’ll all be driving golf carts. Or they’re going to get rid of all the cows. Or that windmills cause cancer, or that modern lighting “makes my skin look orange.”

Or that was the “largest crowd ever” or any of the 30,000 lies that your Idiotin- Chief has told you. To include that 3 million people voted illegally and they all voted for Hillary. Or that mail-in voting is going to be corrupt. He mailed his ballot,why can’t I?

It was the Republicans that got caught stuffing the ballot box. If you’re so worried about mail-in voting then call your congressman and senator and demand proper funding. Why are you so scared of eligible voters voting?

The Loser-in-Chief is about to go on the road again for his Nuremburg Rallies and we are sure to hear all about the “rigged system” just like in 2016. And, just like then, he has no proof. No doubt after he loses he will never concede.

Once again we see a black man shot twice in the back by police. A man that they claim was too drunk to drive but was still able to fend off two cops and take a taser. They had his car, they knew who he was and where he lived. There was little reason to even chase him. Were these brave officers of the law afraid of a drunk man with a one shot taser? No. They were pissed off someone defied their authority so they killed him.

A similar incident played out right here in our community when a local businessman was pulled over for a traffi c violation. He was identified and, after some discussion, he decided he had had enough of this cop’s BS and he left. This so infuriated the cops that they put the public at risk so they could run around the country with their sirens a-blaring. After catching up to this dangerous fugitive, he gave them the slip again, and these fit young cops couldn’t chase down a senior citizen so they released an attack dog on him. Why? When all they had to do was pick him up at 4 a.m. at his home.

Over the last four years or so, I have written close to a dozen letters here, every one a response to these Dumpster- Trumpsters. Less than half way into this campaign, I began to notice a trend. I found myself defending the rights of the minorities of this country and beyond.

The Racist-in-Chief has a long and documented history of overt racism and is more concerned about preserving the names of disgraced, slave-owning, loser, Confederate generals than he does about recognizing the #BLM movement. He says this will go quick and easy, like he said about the trade war three and a half years ago. Or like he said about COVID.

The Racist-in-Chief says he doesn’t want tens of millions labelled as racists, yet he has labelled protesters as Antifa, to include a 75-year-old man shoved to the ground by police, and then called them terrorists (Antifa is not that well organized or cohesive). But I will, because you can rest assured when you vote Republican you will be voting alongside “some very fine people.”

I used to be disappointed when I read election results in this paper; now I’m disgusted at the voters of this community.

Ron Gutenberger


Reconsidering ‘socialism’ in the United States

To the editor: There is a great fear of the word socialism in this country but we are already socialist. The questions I would pose are “For whom are we socialist?” and “How does balanced/capitalist/ socialist systems build robust capitalism?”

If we were purely capitalist we would have no postal service, no public roads or public education as examples. We would not have Medicare or Social Security. No farm price supports. No interstate highways, no internet. No unemployment benefits. No police, fire protection, no social safety nets.

We are socialist since the government in times of troubles prevents capitalist enterprises from failing – protecting corporations, shareholders and bondholders. We are all now benefiting greatly from socialism to the benefit of us all. So let us get over the misconception that we are a pure capitalist country.

Successful socialism can only succeed with robust capitalism governed to make the fruits of capitalism more equitably (not equally) – distributed. So how do we better employ “socialist” policy to create a more robust capitalism?

The model socialist democracies that most advocates support (forget corrupt banana republics) are more entrepreneurial than the U.S. with more economic upward mobility. These countries want every citizen to be educated or trained to contribute maximally to the common good/GDP and to be healthy and secure. That means free or inexpensive education and training for everyone, universal healthcare and family life policies that allow parents to both work.

That said it is worth noting that the countries that are put up as models of socialism (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Iceland) are happier, healthier and better educated than are Americans. These countries have more billionaires per million citizens than does the U.S. As a group these socialist economies have as high a GDP per capita as does the U.S.

Let us design a new American economy that works for you as well as it works for the very wealthy with policies that drive a more successful capitalism. Do not vote for more of the same, vote for the right kind of change. Douglas Lee Marshfi eld

July 2 blood drive will take COVID precautions

To the editor: Friends, neighbors, community members...the Red Cross needs your help!

The coronavirus has caused havoc in almost all aspects of our daily lives. Blood donations have also been greatly affected.

Fortunately, because of less people traveling and most elective surgeries postponed, needs were met. However, now that we are getting back to the “new” normal, the need is there for the blood supply to be replenished.

The Abbotsford Lions will be sponsoring a blood drive on Thursday, July 2, from noon to 6 p.m., at Abbotsford City Hall.

There will be additional safety measures in place for the safety of all:

_ Temperature checks will be taken for all staff, volunteers and donors before entering the blood drive. Anyone with a temperature greater than 99.5 F will not be able to donate/work at the drive.

_ Staff and volunteers will wear gloves throughout the entire drive, changing them often.

_ All staff, volunteers and donors will be required to wear face masks or coverings at the blood drive in alignment with CDC public guidelines. If a donor does not have a mask, the Red Cross will provide one. If a donor does not want to wear a mask, they will be asked to postpone their donation for a later date.

_ Increased education materials on COVID-19 will be provided, including a stop sign at entrance to avert ineligible donors.

_ Blood donors will be asked to use hand sanitizer before and during the donation process. Donor beds will be sanitized between every donor, and common surfaces will be routinely disinfected.

_ Social distancing will be maintained by setting six-feet distances between donor areas. Only blood donors will be permitted at the drive. No guests, children or teens unless the teen is donating blood. After check-in, donors will be asked to wait in a designated area (or even their cars). Donors may be asked for a phone number so they can be notified when it’s their turn.

Donation information may change in the days and weeks ahead, so please consult with the Red Cross or staff at the blood drive with any questions.

We will not be allowed to provide our usual “home-baked” goodies. Refreshment items must be pre-packaged only.

Please consider joining us as we all do our part for those in need!

For an appointment call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visit redcrossblood. org Hope to see you there!

Karen LaPine Abbotsford Lions Blood drive coordinator