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Grateful to all the moms out there

Grateful to all the moms out there Grateful to all the moms out there

With all the insanity that one finds on the TV, Internet and social media these days, it becomes very easy to lose sense of the days and time. That’s especially true during this quarantine.

There are times when the days blend into one another, and when the days are gray and cloudy and chilly as they have been this past week, it makes one wonder if we’re in May or November.

A quick glance at the calendar over the weekend reminded me that it was Mother’s Day on Sunday, and with this whole COVID-19 thing going on, as well as my job as a reporter, I almost forgot to call my mother on Sunday.

Mothers, like teachers, are unsung heroes for the most part. They change our diapers, make us breakfast, lunch and dinner. They drive us to and from games and plays and practices.

They are there for all the big moments in our lives - when we take our first steps, when we graduate and when we get married. Is it any surprise then that when a football player or basketball player has a camera in their face, they’re always quick to say “Hi Mom!”

I was able to speak with my mother on Sunday, although with five children, it means we’re all fighting to be the first ones to call her. I was unfortunately beaten to the punch by my sister and one of my brothers, but I did get in touch with her during the afternoon and we spoke for a good hour.

Some of it was mundane things like the weather and the nearby squirrels at my mother’s apartment that are stealing the seeds and suet balls meant for the birds. Some of it was serious, such as this global pandemic and when, or if, the country will ever recover.

We talked about what the new normal will look like, and my mother spoke about all the masks she was making for friends and family for when they venture outside and into this new, uncertain world we all find ourselves in.

My mother is a hero, especially to myself and my siblings. When we were young kids we didn’t know how long she was going to be with us. My mother developed cancer when I was young, and we all nearly lost her, but she battled it tirelessly for months until she finally won.

For a young boy, seeing her courageous fight had a profound impact on me. You see, even though my mom was fighting this life-threatening illness, she was still there, baking cookies, helping us with homework and telling us in all sorts of ways, spoken and unspoken, how much she loves us.

She’s been in remission now for nearly 20 years, and not a day goes by that I am not grateful. The biggest thrill I can have is when I show her one of my papers, show her the stories I have written and the pictures I have taken and the work I am doing.

To see her beam with pride as she reads my stories is the best feeling in the world. I cherish it all. Maybe that’s something we all need to do a bit more - cherish each other. Our moms and dads won’t be here forever, and one day alone is not enough to celebrate all the great mothers out there. Never be afraid to call your mom and tell her how much you mean to her - every day is a good day for that.