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Beware when wishing for more quiet time

Beware when wishing for more quiet time Beware when wishing for more quiet time

Several months ago, I wrote about how I cherish my solitude and quiet time. I reflected on how it was difficult finding time to be alone so that I could enjoy my love of reading. Things sure changed in a hurry, and I suddenly found myself with an overabundance of quiet free time.

Since the onset of the coronavirus and stay-at-home policy, enacted in March, I quickly ran out of reading material, and I had to turn to other means in which to pass my time. With stores and restaurants closed and no church or social activities, I turned to my stand-by entertainment. I began rewatching all of my “Andy Griffith Show” videos. And because I have seen them so many times, I decided I was going to look for new things to learn while watching.

I rediscovered many rather obscure pieces of information from a number of the Mayberry citizens. Gomer Pyle had some valuable advice regarding worry. According to Gomer, it is OK for fat people to worry, but skinny people like Barney should never worry, while Barney says if a bat lays its eggs in your hair, you will go crazy. The same thing also applies to moths.

Opie’s pal, Johnny Paul, also is a wealth of knowledge. According to Johnny Paul, if you put a horse hair in water, it will turn into a snake. He also says chewing tar is good for your teeth. Nat Pike, another friend of Opie, says that a penny struck by lightning is worth six cents. Another source of Mayberry knowledge is the Darling family. According to Charlene, if you have a sore foot, you put a buckeye in your pocket and recite an incantation. The Darling family is also a strong believer in the Omen of the Owl. The Omen of the Owl means if a person sees an owl, the next person seen will be a predestined bride to be.

I must admit that despite the coronavirus pandemic’s terrible toll on both my economic and social well-being, I did come through it, gaining a little more knowledge of some vital information. Hopefully, as I continue to watch my favorite sitcom, I will learn even more. One is never too old to keep on learning..

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