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Enjoying a little bit of normalcy

Enjoying a little bit of normalcy Enjoying a little bit of normalcy

Over the weekend I was able to tune in to the 2020 NFL Draft. Thank goodness. With everything that has happened in the last month or so, it was great to have some small bit of normalcy make an appearance.

It was an unusual draft, with teams picking their players virtually, but I still enjoyed it. Each player selected has their own story about how they got to this point, and what it means to be drafted.

I always shake my head when I hear someone say “He’s only a seventh round draft pick.” That might be true, but even Mr. Irrelevant, aka the last player drafted, is still a phenomenal athlete.

Every player ever drafted was arguably one of the best players to come out of not only their high school, but their respective college.

It’s great to see Wisconsin guys like J.J. and T.J. Watt and Joe Thomas get drafted and become legends of the NFL. All three are probably going to be future Hall of Famers.

I can only shake my head sometimes and think about what could have been if the Green Bay Packers had selected T.J. in the first round several years ago. Certainly the defense would be better, and who knows, maybe we would have made to the Super Bowl with him.

Speaking of the Green Bay Packers, they certainly caused quite a stir with their picks this year. I’ll admit, some of them were perplexing, especially their first round pick, quarterback Jordan Love out of Utah State.

It’s been an up and down past two years for Love. In 2018 he lit up the Mountain West Conference, throwing 32 touchdowns to just four picks. In 2019, his game took a big step back, as he threw just 20 touchdowns to a worrying 17 interceptions.

But the head honchos in Green Bay saw enough for them to trade up and pull the trigger on what is the successor to Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers will be 37 this year, and no one, except Tom Brady apparently, escapes Father Time.

I’m hopeful there will be an NFL season, and most signs that I see point to a yes. It is, after all, a massive business, with the NFL valued at billions - when that kind of money is on the line, the show WILL go on. I’m grateful for all the years we have had Rodgers - he’s been magic most of his career, and it will be sad when he hangs up his cleats.

Not every draftee will thrive in the NFL, but just to be drafted has to be a huge source of pride. Colby High has seen one of their alums receive this rare honor, some 30 years ago. Kirk Baumgartner took Colby to the 1985 Division 4 state title game, and then proceeded to set every passing record under the sun for UW-Stevens Point. He was drafted in the ninth round by Green Bay in 1990, and was enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame in 2005. In the coming weeks, I hope to write about all this. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Mr. Baumgartner please let me know.

As I mentioned earlier about each player having a story, I’m sure he does too, and it’s no doubt great.