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Paging Through H

Paging Through H Paging Through H

Abbotsford T ribune Published in Abbotsford Thursday, March 5, 1970

Two captured after car thefts

Two young men are being held in Clark County Jail following the theft of two cars and a high-speed chase Friday night.

Being held are Larry Pabich, 20, who has been staying at the Abbotsford Hotel and Coffee Shop, and a 17-year-old youth.

The incident started when a car was reported as stolen to Colby-Abbotsford police chief Albert Podevels, Jr. It had been parked in Abbotsford near the Abby Theatre, and was reported about 9:30, by the owner from Spencer.

The 1964 model Chevrolet was spotted in the parking lot at The Park dance pavilion north of Colby about 10 p.m. by Chief Podevels., and returned to the owner, without learning who had taken it.

Although the owner did not leave keys in the car, the ignition was not locked.

Then, about 12:45 a.m., Chief Podevels noticed a car make a fast turn at the Dairy Corner in Colby. He observed the car enter the driveway at Herrick’s Mobil Service. The two occupants used the phone, and then returned to the car, and began driving it back and forth.

Chief Podevels approached the car to question their behavior, and when they noticed the squad, they pulled out of the station going north. The officer chased the car at high speeds through Colby streets, east to the ballpark, and eventually west on County Trunk N, traveling through several stop signs.

They were eventually found huddling alongside a log in the snow, with their clothes badly torn.

The Tribune-Phonograp h Published in Abbotsford Wednesday, March 14, 1990

Abbyland, Curtiss OK sewer pact

Abbyland Pork Pack Inc. and the Village of Curtiss have signed a contract in which Abbyland agrees to foot the lion’s share of upgrading the village sewage treatment plant this summer.

Estimates of the revisions needed at the plant range around $230,000, and Abbyland agreed in the contract to pay for 78% of the project cost. If the NFO declines to finance a share of the treatment plant improvement, Abbyland will pay 86% of the bill. The NFO told the village board recently it had voted to pull its receiving station out of the village, but Village President Les Bowen said this week the trustees will give the NFO 30 days to think it over. Bowen said the NFO was being asked to contribute 11%, or around $23,000, for the plant project.

The amount of funds each entity will contribute to the project is based on the amount of capacity each party will require from the design limits on the new plant. The village was to finance the remaining 11% of the anticipated cost, but will contribute 14% if NFO pulls out.

The contract was signed March 1 by Bowen, Village clerk Dorothy Becker, Abbyland President Harland Schraufnagel and Abbyland Secretary Kathy Schraufnagel. Village Atty. Frank Nikolay and Village Engineer Clayton Connell were witnesses.

Bowen said the contract basically lays down areas of responsibility and spells out what is expected of both the village and Abbyland.