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E DITOR ‘Adult entertainment’ has no place in Abbotsford

To the editor: I am writing to the person who looked into Abbotsford’s “adult entertainment” ordinances. I understand that you are expressing your First Amendment rights. In this letter, I want to express my First Amendment rights to do the right thing for Abbotsford.

Asformeandmyfamily(ourFounding Fathers based our Constitution on the following principle), we will follow the Lord and his rules and precepts. “Adult entertainment” promotes lust and nudity as a false god to make us a “whole person.” It promotes adultery and sexual covetousness that leads to disrespecting women and sex trafficking. People who promote “adult entertainment” lie when they say that it is good for our community or makes our community better.

Therefore, (based on the points in the previous paragraph) as a citizen, as citizens of Abbotsford and as city council members, we should have the moral backbone to say “no” to “adult entertainment” in Abbotsford and the surrounding area.

To the person and any other person or group who wants to promote “adult entertainment” in Abbotsford, save your time and effort in bringing in a proposal to the Abbotsford city council for your “adult” business. Instead, I pray to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, that you have a change of heart and put your time, talent and treasure into a business that honors God.

Paul Writz Abbotsford

Hope is still alive for the fate of Colby cheese bill

To the editor: Bill 519/572 to designate Colby as the official state cheese of Wisconsin has not been moved out of committee. However, all is not lost.

Right now, until April, the bill is on an unconventional path. To spare you the details, I want to put this into context that is easy to understand: If this was a football game, the ball is snapped with no time left on the clock in the fourth quarter and Aaron Rodgers needs to throw a Hail Mary to win the game. Simple as that, right? But more, than likely, it will be tabled until January 2021.

But how, how could this have happened?

During the Senate hearing on Jan. 29 the support for Colby overwhelmed me.

In that 36 minutes, I never felt more pleased for my hometown, and at times my tears could not be held back. Never before have I seen state Senators stand up and applaud in a hearing, but after the choir sang “Hail to Colby Cheese,” they did. Never before have I seen someone as far away as Madison or Chippewa Falls call for Colby to be a state cheese because of the community it’s from and for what it stands for, but they did.

In the days following that hearing, the stage was set; the Senate Committee would move the bill onward once the Assembly Committee moved it to executive order. We were so close. But then something happened.

Rep. Gary Tauchen’s office stopped the momentum, and a new excuse was released around the marbled hallways: “If Colby becomes a state cheese that would give it an unfair marketing advantage to our other cheeses we make, like mozzarella….and besides, the city of Colby would be discriminating against other cities and towns that are proud of their cheese heritages.”

It became apparent that the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association was not in support of the bill. That’s right: the organization that profits from the imagery and work of the dairy farmer did not see fit to have a symbol that celebrates them. Becky Sweeny, the association’s policy director, when asked why they wouldn’t support the bill, responded with silence.

How furious it makes me that an entity that’s supposed to be our dairy leader would turn their backs on our state’s own cheese in order to preserve their sales on European cheese. This was supposed to be a shot in the arm for dairy farmers in these dark times, but instead they were spit on by bureaucratic indifference.

But do not be glum. The amount of attention this got was beyond expectations, and when it is considered next year, the attention for Colby will be hard to ignore. My contacts told me the emails, hand written letters, and phone calls were numerous and moving. Even Wisconsin’s most famous celebrity, Charlie Berens of the Manitowoc Minute, posted his support and urged action on making Colby the state cheese on social media.

Keep’er movin’ indeed.

I love my town and I love my state, and I will not rest until Colby is a state symbol, and neither should you.

Thank you all for what you have done so far, and please continue to help: keep the conservation going, invite people to Cheese Days (like Charlie Berens), ask WCMA why they don’t want a state symbol to represent rural communities and the dairy farmer families who support them, and stay in touch with your representatives/ senators. God bless Wisconsin and Colby cheese. Matt Oehmichen


Why I’m glad Democrats are not in control of U.S.

To the editor: I am a fearful, cowardly Republican. Yes, indeed, I do fear what would have happened had Trump not been elected.

Possibly by now we would all be walking or at best riding bicycles to work. Goodbye General Motors, Ford, etc. How many jobs would that be? And, you farmers, no more John Deere or Case International tractors. The Amish had it right all along, but alas, you Amish will have to give up your cows. Why? They let off too much gas. You could have been looking for the army to come and shoot your cows because those cows, they’re bad for the environment. No more planes, boats and lawnmowers. They all have internal combustion engines, which are bad for the environment. So say the Democrats.

I’m fearful for all the coal miners. They are lower than the rats that want to put an end to their jobs. Now, after we close down the oil wells and natural gas wells, for which the Chinese and Russians will be so happy for us to do, I wonder what the unemployment rate will be.

Yes, I do fear the Democrat Party with its socialist agenda.

Democrats, when you see a baby, what do you see? Do you ask why was this baby allowed to be born? Do you say “this baby should have been put to death”? Do you desire that those born alive would be laid on the table and let die? This is exactly what the Democrats are saying and doing. If whoever is reading this, and you vote Democrat, you are indeed voting to kill babies.

Why do Democrats not understand the word illegal? Just so you know, illegal is someone who breaks the law, as in illegal alien. Now, I’m all for legal aliens; in fact, we need them. We do need to control our borders and only let legal aliens cross. Now, Mr. or Mrs. or Miss Democrat, why is that so hard to understand? If we are unwilling to follow the laws of the land, then you are an anarchist. This is really what the sanctuary cities are all about. They are run, almost and maybe altogether, by Democratic anarchists.

To be sure, the Democratic anarchist wants my guns. Well, liberals, you cannot have my gun. To give up our guns is to give up our freedom. To give up our guns is to give up our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For me, the pursuit of happiness is the freedom to worship my savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, in the way I choose.

Praying for America, Charley Heath Medford

Pelosi, Democrats do not represent Catholic values

To the Editor: I would like to respond to Rev. Robert Streveler’s opinion published in the Feb. 26, 2020, Tribune-Phonograph.

Nancy Pelosi is a Roman Catholic who has repeatedly voted to uphold partialbirth abortion, who has voted against parental notification when minor children seek abortion and who has shown no concern for the rights of the innocent unborn.

Pelosi is pro LGBTQ. Along this same line, Pelosi refused to denounce a hateful anti-Christian ad.

Lastly, in 1999, Pelosi voted against displaying the Ten Commandments in public buildings, including schools. Rev. Streveler, please advise how Nancy Pelosi’s above actions are right for American people and congruent with her Roman Catholic religion? More importantly, please share how you, as a retired priest of the Roman Catholic Church, can support Democrats who are obviously against the foundation of Catholicism?

As a practicing Catholic, I vote for respective candidates who align with my religious views. As such, I will never vote for anyone who is pro-abortion (Democrats) and anti-Christianity.

Jenny Nowak Marathon