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Enjoying a brief touch of spring

Enjoying a brief touch of spring Enjoying a brief touch of spring

It’s almost hard to believe, at least for me, that this is the final week of February. Already my winter sports season is winding down, with the individual state wrestling tournament happening this week.

The Abbotsford/Colby wrestling co-op will have another representative competing at the Kohl Center on Thursday as sophomore Carter Grewe makes a run towards the title in the 195 weight class.

The Abbotosford girls basketball season came to a close on Tuesday, with the Falcons falling in the first round of regional action. The Colby girls open their postseason with a home game against Pacelli on Thursday.

The Hornets have lost a lot from last year’s state qualifying team, but there is more than enough talent for them to make another deep run. I have my fingers crossed.

The Abby boys and Colby boys playoffs begin next week, with both teams hitting the road on Tuesday. It’s been fun watching them compete, and I think they might surprise a few people.

But the big story for me last weekend was the weather. Wisconsin is not a state for the faint of hear - if you enjoy seeing the sun and warmth, you’d best head south.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t take some sunshine and temps in the 40s this time of the year. It’s amazing how much the weather can change week to week and year to year.

In my first two years with the paper this time of the year was brutal. Wisconsin was getting assaulted on an almost daily basis with temperatures better suited for the Arctic Circle and snow and ice seemingly every night.

I did more shoveling in the last two winters than I think I did my entire childhood. Then again, I have multiple siblings, so that helps when it comes to moving snowdrifts that resemble Mt. Everest.

It was great to be able to step outside and feel the sun on my face and need only a light sweater to walk around. Here and there I could see people outside jogging and people driving with their windows rolled down, though I’m willing to bet they still had the heat turned on high.

We’ll be slipping back into the low 20s for much of this week, but the days are growing longer, and one feels that if you can get past December, January and February one has turned a corner.

In a few weeks time we turn the clocks ahead, and will get even more daylight. The temps will continue to steadily rise, though I am sure we will have at least one more blizzard - but hopefully in March and not in April as I have witnessed the past two winters.

My biggest hope is that spring sports will actually start on time. Last year I was scrambling to fill my sports section as snow covered rubber track and baseball diamonds alike.

I know it’s wishful thinking, but perhaps in the near future, I can even wear shorts again. The again, my body is so pale, I can probably blend in with the snow.