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E DITOR Which America do we really want to live in?

To the editor: I’m grateful for this opportunity. Mr. Gutenburger’s recent rebuttal letter was full of disparaging remarks about myself and others. I could have responded to him point by point but I decided it wasn’t worth my time.

The upcoming presidential election is about what we want America to look like. Democratic socialism is no different than socialism. Raising minimum wages eliminates entry-level jobs and puts automation on steroids. Do Americans really want to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)? Do we want open borders, sanctuary cities and states, and the associated problems (crime, drugs, human trafficking)? Should we end the electoral college, which ensures that all Americans have a voice and serves as a fail-safe for voter fraud? Should felons be able to vote?

Do we want gun control/confiscation? Most Americans realize the root cause of gun violence is not guns, therefore “gun control” only infringes on the rights of law-abiding citizens. Do we want “identity politics,” a Democrat staple, which divides us by race, class, gender or sexual orientation? Do we want to end private insurance and lose our ability to choose our plans and doctors? Do we want the Green New Deal, which plays to the climate change fearmongers but is ridiculously vague on cost and implementation?

Do we want our international trading partners to walk all over us again with a weak Democrat president? Do we desire free college and/or college debt forgiveness? Should we go back to burdensome regulations and importing oil and gas from our enemies? Do we want the unworkable prospect of restitution for slavery? Should we go back to vilifying our police and depleting our military like the eight years before Trump? Should we repeal the Trump tax cuts? Lastly, do we want to stifle religious freedom and promote pro-choice policy, including taxpayer- funded abortion up until the time of birth?

These aren’t nearly all the offensive Democrat positions, but hopefully, it’s enough to scare or wake up voters. It’s instructive that in 2018 the top 10 highest crime-rate cities and the top 10 highest murder-rate cities all had mayors who were Democrats.

I often hear the statement “immigrants do not commit crimes at as high a rate as citizens — actually, it’s lower.” Wrong! First, they’re breaking the law simply by being here, so the rate is 100%. Secondly, any additional crimes they commit are 100% preventable, as they shouldn’t be here in the first place. Unbelievably, Democrats want illegals to be able to vote and have free healthcare. House Democrats (44) are sponsoring the New Way Forward Act, which would transform our immigration system specifically for bringing foreign-born criminals to live here.

President Trump is a uniter. Protecting U.S. citizens and American interests at home and abroad is what we all should want. A recent Gallup poll shows 90 percent of us are satisfied with our personal lives.

Election and political discussions should be about policies and ideas — not attacking people personally. I won’t defend it when President Trump or Rush attack people either.

It’s interesting that Mr. Gutenberger criticizes Rush and President Trump for mocking others, but has no problem publicly calling me the “village idiot.” An FYI, I don’t even live in a village.

Randy Wokatsch Township of Marathon

The ‘Trump Economy’ is a con-man’s economy

To the editor: One: President Trump gutted the Environmental Protection Agency.

He ended clean water and clean air oversight. That allows corporations to pollute and leaves the clean-up costs to the taxpayers. That is a con, leaving the taxpayers with a bill.

Two: Trump reduces corporate taxes. No taxes increase corporate profits and also leads to gains in the stock market. Ninety-one of the Fortune 500 companies pay zero taxes. That is another con, leaving the taxpayers to pick up the slack of the corporations.

Three: President Trump continues to increase the national debt by trillions. That keeps the military-industrial complex and other government-funded corporations running at taxpayer expense.

Again, the bill is on the taxpayers.

Trump’s economy is a dirty economy built on tax injustice, short-term greed and corruption. It is good for the 1 percent but nobody else.

How long will the false economy continue? God knows.

Daniel Holzman Baraboo