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Trying to halt my habit of misplacing things

Trying to halt my habit of misplacing things Trying to halt my habit of misplacing things

I have decided to make just one New Year’s Resolution for 2020. I have resolved to be more organized so that I do not have to spend so much time searching for misplaced items. It seems that each year I waste more time looking for my smartphone, glasses, TV remote, and countless other items.

This is not something new to me. As I think back, I recall many times where I lost some rather significant items – never to be found. My earliest recollection was when I was about eight years old. I was riding in the back seat of my grandfather’s car on a cold winter night. I noticed the door was not shut securely so I decided to open it and slam it shut. However, his old car had those dangerous suicide doors, so as soon as I opened the door I was thrown out the door and onto the road. I ended up with a bad headache. But the worst part was I lost my entire collection of glass marbles that I was holding in my hand. That day is still known to my family as the day I “lost all my marbles” My next major lost item was my 1964 Dor-Abby class ring. I was wearing it on the day I was cleaning yards in Abbotsford as a way to earn money for our upcoming trip to the New York World’s Fair. I was wearing it when I was unloading lawn debris at the Abbotsford dump which was near where Abbyland is now located. However, when I got home, the ring was no longer on my finger and it was never found. So somewhere, buried beneath Abbyland, there lies buried a beautiful gold birthstone class ring. Several years ago I lost remote car key fob. After searching for weeks, I finally had a new one made. Then about a year later when we were visiting friends my wife found it. While sitting on a couch, she dropped a pill down the side of a cushion. She reached down into the couch and found the pill and she also pulled out our long lost car key.

Ihaveasuspicionthatthings will not improve much in 2020. Obtaining more stuff and aging at the same time is not a good combination. So I suspect I will most likely spend even more time searching for lost and misplaced items. In fact, I spent a half hour searching for the book I am reading.

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