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Another year in the books

Another year in the books Another year in the books

How can it be? How can 2019 already be on its way out? By the time you read a new edition of The Tribune Phonograph, it will be 2020.

It’s strange to read that year out aloud. It has an almost magical quality to it, and if you grew up in the era of the Cold War, it might have seemed far fetched - what with the shadow of nuclear war lingering over you.

And yet, here we are, in the final week of 2019. And here we are, another year on this ball of dirt and water, spinning through space. Christmas was on Wednesday, and Christmas is a time of miracles. The fact that we all made it through another year, is in fact, a miracle.

We’ve each added to the story of our lives, learned things about ourselves, each other and the greater world. I have spun so many stories that I forget sometimes just how many pictures I have taken, how many words I have written and how many people I have met.

Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever forget just how much stuff is crammed into one year? I know I do, but I am lucky enough to make my living in the written word, and so can always look back and see what I have done.

It’s amazing to look at, when it’s right there, sitting in front of you. I’ve covered the Colby Hornets first trip to state for girls basketball I’ll forever cherish the moment of looking up in the crowd and seeing it full of the Colby faithful. I’ll never forget watch the Hornets play.

I travelled to La Crosse for the WIAA state track and field meet. I saw Melanie Kunze and Mackenzie Huber standing on the podium, saw all the people cheer for them on that hot day that seems a world away, but was just months ago.

I’ve covered concerts, written stories about businesses, chronicled sporting exploits. Above all, I’ve sought to capture the feeling and the human side of each story, for in the end, we’re all storytellers.

Our medium is time, and our actions speak far louder than words. Some of us live great, big lives, and that’s OK. Some of us never leave the country or state or city we grew up in, and that’s OK too.

But we are approaching a new year and a new era. Millions, maybe even billions of choices and opportunities lie before us. What will you choose to do? How will you make 2020 different?

At this point everyone has a New Year’s resolution or two. Some are ridiculous, like winning the lottery, while others are small, like saving up enough money to buy that favorite book or shirt.

Everyone has a goal and a dream, and each new year represents a new hope. We all try to do the best with it, and after looking back on 2019, I can honestly say it was a thrilling ride.

Stressful, heavily caffeinated, but a thrilling ride. I hope for more of the same in 2020. I hope that when you look back at this year, it’s without regret.

Above all, I hope when you look back at 2019, you’re happy, but also ready for the next year. It should be fun!