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Mail carriers ask property owners to remove hazards

In 2018, an average of 51 mail carriers per day in the U.S. Postal Service were injured due to an unforeseen slip, trip or fall – and many of the incidents occurred as a result of unsafe or hazardous conditions on their mail routes. Slips, trips and falls often lead to carriers needing time off to heal, which can cause delays or interruptions in mail delivery. And they could have been prevented.

Property owners could be liable if a carrier falls because of unsafe conditions on their properties. Costs include medical expenses and repayment of lost work hours, which can total thousands of dollars. The Postal Service makes the safety of its employees a top priority.

Here are four simple tips to prevent slips, trips and falls by mail carriers and others on private property year round:

_ Inspect the path: Walk the path your carrier takes along your property to identify hazards. This may be an entrance that you use less often. You may not realize that there is a hazard present. Replace doormats that roll up along the edges, and use rubber-backed mats to prevent them from sliding. Ensure there is adequate lighting along the walking path.

_ Repair hazards: Cracks in steps and porches, loose railing, uneven sidewalk joints and loose bricks or blocks in the walkway can be caused by deterioration over time.

Water is a main culprit. Check drainage slopes and look for pooling area, as this will also prevent slippery ice spots in the winter. Make repairs as quickly as possible. If you are not able to make the repair, block off the area or add paint to an uneven surface to bring attention to it.

_ Control slippery surfaces: Leaves, rain and ice can all pose serious fall hazards. Keep leaves off walking paths, use sand in paint for traction on porches, and clear the ice and snow from the path your carrier takes.

_ Be informed: Postal customers with access to postal notification features, such as Informed Delivery for letter mail and package tracking, are urged to use these features to determine if mail is expected that day, and to ensure a path has been adequately cleared for the carrier to make a safe delivery.

Expecting a package delivery on Sunday? Postal officials urge residents and business owners to clear delivery paths of hazards throughout the weekend.

Colby Postmaster Rendean Seefeldt and Abbotsford Postmaster Melanie Boeck would like to thank the community as a whole for helping to keep their carriers safe.

Carriers especially appreciate customers paying attention to their mailbox, making sure it is cleared of snow when both approaching and departing from the mailboxes.