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Uh oh, the holidays are here

Uh oh, the holidays are here Uh oh, the holidays are here




Well, the holidays aren’t quite here yet, but they’re knocking on the door. Then again, if you’ve been to a Walmart recently, you’ve probably seen the Christmas decorations on display since October. If you ask me, that’s a crime against humanity.

I say let us enjoy the holidays as they were meant to be enjoyed - in their own time and in their own month. Poor Thanksgiving hardly gets the spotlight any more — it gets passed over in favor of Halloween and then Christmas, and that’s a real shame because turkey and mashed potatoes are awesome.

It’s strange to think in a few weeks time we’ll be celebrating the holidays. I mean, the football season just came to a close. What a remarkable year it was for the Abbotsford boys football team — Dalton, Chase, Sterling, Reiley and Blake had amazing careers and it was so exciting to follow their football exploits.

They all reached over 40 wins in a season, and that is an almost unreal achievement, especially considering a high school football team only gets nine regular season games.

The other good thing about them playing football is that they are strong and in great shape and can push those Christmas parade floats around the streets of Abbotsford in a few weeks.

Yes, soon Abbotsford will be celebrating the Christmas Parade. I’ve been here two years now, and I can recognize the patterns of the parade’s return — it usually means my boss Kris looks liable to strangle multiple people with her bare hands.

Thankfully she has not, especially since the last time I checked, murder is illegal. Stupidity should be too for that matter, but alas, it is not.

Have you ever noticed that? Whenever the holidays get here, people’s collective IQs drop. They start to act strange or irrational. Then again, holidays by their very nature are strange things.

We take one day out of the year to pay homage to turkey, or observe someone’s birthday. But for all that, a holiday is a good thing. It breaks us out of our routine and reminds us that great things happened in the past, that great men and great women made great changes upon this planet.

The holidays are also a wonderful time to get together, to see the people we love and care about. Sometimes we can go years without seeing the ones we love. Life is funny like that.

People who were such a big part of our lives when we were growing up are now almost like strangers to us. We each go our separate lives, do our own thing and then pop in and out of each other’s lives, like the brief flickering of a candle flame.

The holidays remind us to be with the ones we care about - and if you can eat a delicious bird, or tofu turkey if you are of the vegan persuasion, then so much the better.