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Another season in the books

Another season in the books Another season in the books




Outside of the Abbotsford Falcons, another sports season is in the books. As far as my Falcons football team goes, I hope they fly far and fly true. They’ve done tremendous things this year, and I hope they continue to make history.

It’s a tall order, with the number one ranked team in D-6 standing in their way, but even giants fall, and I am hoping Abby can notch the upset. If anyone can defeat Regis, I think it’s this group of seniors.

I think about my seniors a lot, and just as the season ends for me, so too does it for them. For those young men and women, there won’t be another fall like this one. Their time playing for Colby and Abbotsford are over - the only thing that remains are the memories.

That and some pretty darn good newspaper clippings. At least, I think they are good, not that I’m tooting my own horn. OK, maybe just a little (Toot! Toot!).

Every year I root for my seniors, root for them and hope that their season extends as long as it can. High school is such a small part of our lives, but it’s a vital part. We form friendships, overcome hardships and find out a little bit about who we are, and who we might become.

Sports is perfect for that. It gives us a chance to be part of something else. It allows us to share special moments with the people we care about. I love seeing touching moments like a father hug a son after their final football game. I am moved by the sight of a mother, telling her daughter how proud she is after her child has played her last volleyball game.

It’s been a blast watching my cross-country kids run, seeing my swimmers cut through the water and seeing my footballers making a tackle or score a touchdown. I’ll definitely miss all my Colby football players. It won’t be the same not seeing Dylan Geiger or Connor Jeske terrorize opposing quarterbacks.

I’m going to miss not seeing Erin Voss, Elizabeth Stange, Sierra Ramker, Bobbie Lee or Sahanna Kussrow speed through the water. Abbie Hediger and Nick Kleparski and Hailey Voelker are fantastic runners and better people.

In fact, all my seniors are wonderful human beings. That, more than the sports accolades and big moments under bright lights, are what I cherish the most. The student-athletes who suit up for Abby and Colby are good people, who will make the world better.

Sports only brings out their character. Thankfully, I still have win- ter and spring sports to spend with my student-athletes. I don’t want a harsh winter, but I do hope it’s an enjoyable one. I’m looking forward to seeing how my teams are going to do.

Some athletes will continue on with their careers, but before that happens, I get the chance to see more. So, one season is in the books, but two more remain. How lucky are we to see that?