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College notes

Garrett Rau, majoring in educational studies-secondary and chemistry, and Ean Rau, undecided, have both been named to the dean’s list for the 2020 spring term at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill. In order to be named to the dean’s list, a student must have earned at least 2.5 credits in the term, with a grade point average of 3.6 or better (on a 4.0 scale).

Kleinschmidt Family Reunion

The Cletus and Euphelia Kleinschmidt family reunion was held recently near their hometown of Embarrass.

AttendingwereRaeJeanKleinschmidt and Alan Kaatz, Dorchester; Gary Kleinschmidt and Pam Leichtman, Dorchester; Mark Kleinschmidt, Dorchester; Don Kleinschmidt and Shirley Leichtnam, Colby; Linda Kleinschmidt and Stan Szlachciak, New Berlin; Dennis Kleinschmidt and Ann Lange, Oak Creek; Bruce Kleinschmidt and Thea Lange, Greendale; Cindy Kleinschmidt, San Antonio, Texas; Mary Jane Kleinschmidt and Greg Bach, Greenfield; Mary Kleinschmidt, Pearland, Texas; Pattie Kleinschmidt and Dennis Suttner, Abbotsford; Susan Kleinschmidt and Bob Gardner, Eau Claire; Scott Kleinschmidt and Michelle Grambort, Round Rock, Texas; Darla Kleinschmidt, Cudahy; Kevin Kleinschmidt and Michele Anderson, Sussex; Mike Kleinschmidt and Annie Rehberg, Oconto.

Tootie Grambort-Kleinschmidt’s family all had perfect attendance. A good time was had by all.

The family of Gorman and Celia Leichtnam held their 47th consecutive annual family reunion at Jellystone Campground near Warrens.

Those attending were Carol Boser, Milwaukee; Lori Holtzheimer, Dorchester; Jan and Rick Koehler, along with Caitlyn and Ella, Abbotsford; Nancy Neider, Marshfield; Nicki Heil along with Taylor, Damien, Ashley, Seth, Andy, Ashton, Luna and Sabrina, Marshfield; Jim Leichtnam, Hartford; Crystyna Leichtnam, Oak Creek; Joey Leichtnam and Shawn; West Allis; Tim and Susan Leichtnam, Gilbert, Ariz.; Dan Leichtnam and Brenda Frick, West Bend; Jackie and Bryan Scarce, along with Jenna and Jacob, Mukwonago; Karen and Mark Peterson, Hubertus; Kathy Ivans, Jackson, Lisa and Charles Grim, Paige Grim and Dillon Hock, Germantown; Bonnie Rehberg, Onalaska; Jeff Rehberg, Mauston; Danielle Rehberg, Markus Schumacher along with Zayden, Zyree and Zaxtyn, LaCrosse.

Tootie Grambort’s side of the family did not attend.

It was a beautiful weekend. The fantastic fish fry was once again supplied by Jeff Rehberg, prepared by Kathy Ivans, Lisa and Charles Grim and fried by the entertaining duo of Jim Leichtnam and Mark Peterson.