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Jayden Falteisek named ‘Student of the Quarter’

Jayden Falteisek named ‘Student of the Quarter’ Jayden Falteisek named ‘Student of the Quarter’

Abbotsford High School senior Jayden Falteisek has been named the Abbotsford Lions Club’s Student of the Quarter for the third quarter of the 2019-20 school year.

Falteisek carries a rigorous class schedule that includes UW English, physics, construction, competitive games with implements, family foods, woodworking and teacher aide. She has participated in many co-curricular activities, including National Honor Society (president), Student Senate, Forensics, FBLA, FCCLA, BLAST, Mathlete, Oneand Three-Act Play, band and choir. She is a class officer and member of the softball, volleyball, and basketball teams. Jayden has also been named a 2020 Herb Kohl Student Excellence Scholar.

Math/science teacher Andrew Brehm highly recommended her for the Studentof- the-Quarter award.

“Jayden sets a very high standard for herself and works extremely hard to achieve those standards. She is a very inquisitive science student, not only wanting to know how things happen, but also why they do and how to manipulate the outcomes,” Brehm said. “She is selfless with her time and energy to serve others. What puts Jayden over the top is that she is currently serving our country as a member of the National Guard. In basic training, she learned leadership, selfdiscipline, sacrifice, and how to be a team play, bringing these qualities back to her community. She is a role model for all our students and I fully endorse her for this SOQ Award.”

Jayden’s volunteerism attests to her belief in community service. She has been actively involved in the Christmas Parade, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Red Cross Blood Drives, Lions Breakfasts and VFW serving, Youth Sports, 4-H, church activities, and after-school tutor.

When asked to identify an outstanding feature of the community, Falteisek applauds Abbotsford School District’s elementary dual language program. “Research shows that the younger you are, the easier it is to learn a foreign language,” she said. “With Abbotsford having such a diverse population, this gives kids the opportunity to communicate effectively with one another as well as to open doors for students to enhance their future careers by being bilingual.”

When asked to define a major world problem, Jayden responded, “The problem I would face would be world peace. After being in the National Guard and seeing how much money is spent on training soldiers alone, I realize that money could be spent toward other things like solving world hunger. War at times seems impossible to avoid; I think there are other ways to solve differences. Educating people on tolerance is the first step. Our country is already in debt; America spends so much preparing for defense that would not be needed if there was world peace.”

Falteisek has been a member of the Wisconsin National Guard since March, 2019. After graduation, she will complete National Guard’s Advanced Individual Training at Fort Jackson, S.C., training to be a human resource specialist. Next fall, she will attend UW-Stevens Point, double majoring in elementary and special education.

Jayden is the daughter of Darel Falteisek and Krista Keech.