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Sunday, Nov. 24 High 37, Low 29

know you will be back in the morning.

I have to say something to make some people think a little more. Back in the day when people drove on these remote, gravel roads where the ditches are filled with water they slowed down or pulled over for approaching vehicles. This year we had three incidents. The first was where two people parked on opposite sides of each other and left just enough room for someone to pass by when one of them could have just pulled ahead another 30 yards. In that case, mirrors had to touch mirrors.

A worse situation is where people were flying down the road and over the center. This happened twice and it was not good.

Back to happy times! Often we text and this morning this group got an excellent text from Shane Schuster. Shane’s 15-year-old daughter Allie had made an excellent shot on an 8-point buck.

Four years ago Allie really did not want anything to do with the outdoors. Allie, who is my niece, came to camp set up weekend and had a blast. Allie decided to sit with her dad during the opening weekend.

The following year I took Allie on the youth deer hunt and she made an excellent shot on a 7-point buck.

The last two years she sat with her dad, but they did not have any action. This year Allie sat by herself and today she shot her first Red Brush buck. I know it may sound to some people like no big deal, but in our case we get up early, work hard, wear hip boots, freeze our butts and generally do not see deer. This was a really big deal.

Add to the story that Allie was a little skittish about shooting a deer rifle, it was a huge deal. On my end what I did when shooting with her was have her shoot the heck out of a .22, have a common sense talk, including a punch to the shoulder about over thinking the kick of a deer rifle and holy moly Allie Schuster is now a Red Brush hunter! Yes Allie, your favorite uncle still thinks you are a brat but you did well!