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Fulcrum Foundation will be a game changer

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Look back on the history of any community, and you can see events which are game-changers. Actions, which had varying degrees of impact at the immediate time, but which brought lasting change not only to that community but to the surrounding region.

More than 50 years ago a group of concerned civic and business leaders joined together to bring a modern hospital to Medford. It was one of those game-changing moments in the history of the community.

Another game changer occurred two decades ago with the partnership between the locally-owned hospital and what became the Aspirus healthcare system — a nowsprawling network of hospitals, clinics and specialty providers. This partnership allowed the hospital to grow and for Medford to become a healthcare hub with services such as dialysis and cancer treatments. Rather than driving elsewhere to seek care, people come here. This also brought with it jobs and renewed investment in the community.

Last spring the Memorial Member Association (MMA), which represented the community ownership in the partnership, voted to withdraw from the partnership with their role no longer needed in ensuring the operation here remained strong. The organization’s leadership looked to different ways to make positive impacts on the area and a method to provide substantial support for community causes.

With their proceeds from the transfer, the MMA roots grew into the Fulcrum Foundation which was formed this past summer. Last week, the Fulcrum Foundation announced the opening of the grant cycle, specifically looking at projects over $25,000 as providing service to an area that includes: “Taylor County, the southern half of Price County or within 25 miles of Medford, Wisconsin.”

Foundation representatives have a goal of awarding $1.25 million in projects in the coming award cycle. The amount available to be awarded in future years will vary as the amount is dependent on many variables and is determined on an annual basis. The people, businesses and organizations in Taylor County have a well-deserved reputation for being generous and coming together to meet the needs that arise. The Fulcrum Foundation promises to be a game-changer in allowing larger needs to be addressed and making positive and generational changes in the community.

The Fulcrum Foundation promises to be a gamechanger to all the communities and organizations in its service area.