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Looking back on ‘Quotes of the Week’ from the past 12 months “I


couldn’t have missed it if I tried.”

— Library director Maxx Handel about the number of friends and relatives who pointed out the advertisement for the job opening.

project that should have taken six months is taking six years.”

— Gene Knoll to members of the county’s forestry committee about the lack of progress at the Mondeaux Lodge.

he other big thing is to make them so that the Joe-average citizen can walk in here off of the street and be able to actually read and understand almost any policy that he wants to look at.”

— Paul Dixon, talking about revisions to Medford School Board policies.

he only cost to the commission is the fuel used in the truck.”

— Fire chief Mike Filas about a new policy regarding fire department escorts for school teams.

e are a little overwhelmed right now.”

— Public health director Patty Krug about the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in the county while her office is down two nurses.

ometimes you’re driving down the road and you get an idea for a line in a song or a hook for a song in your head, and you write a song around that.”

— Performer Chris Kroeze about the songwriting process.

hat is the problem that we are trying to regulate?”

— Medford alderman Greg Knight about the intent for a proposed ordinance about campfire and outdoor burning.

his is a nice funding opportunity to make this project actually happen because it’s not just going to happen with

— Doug Gasek on a resolution submitting a cost-share grant application to the WEDC for funding for site improvements to property at 238 S. Main St.

he labor market doesn’t care about your inability to pay.”

— Patrick Glynn of Carlson Dettmann Consulting to county board members about the need for an updated wage study.

hat argument would be persuasive if it was made, but it was not.”

— Judge Robert Russell in affirming his ruling that the search of Steve Bowers’ personal DropBox account required a search warrant.

ou are definitely being flexible and you are not dropping the hammer,” Walcisak said.

— County forest administrator Jake Walcisak about the decision not to seek monetary damages against a logger in addition to dropping his contract.

e need to look at what we are offering and if it makes sense.”

— Medford school district finance committee chairman Brian Hallgren about the need to start looking at areas to reduce expenses.

ou can’t just paint one picture. That’s the best thing about agriculture and farming, there’s no one way to do it.”

— Sandy Stuttgen, Taylor County Extension’s Agriculture Extension Educator about the future of agriculture.

o businesses and pretty trees, what is that bringing you?”

— Deanna Bornheimer of Grand Central Station Bar& Grill calling on the village of Gilman to remove a tree in front of the business.