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Elementary student writers share their opinions

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Note: Fourth graders in Rachel Mildbrand’s class at Medford Area Elementary School recently learned about persuasive writing. Class members shared their letters with The Star News.

Medford needs an Olive Garden

Have you ever wanted an Olive Garden? Medford has no Olive Garden. Well, most people think Medford needs an Olive Garden. For instance, 90.9% of Mrs. Mildbrand’s class likes Olive Garden.

One reason Medford needs an Olive Garden is that Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant and Medford has no Italian restaurants. For example, have you wanted pasta freshly made and not store-bought? Also, Olive Garden is more filling than store-bought pasta. All the food at Olive Garden tastes different and better than store-bought because they are made with Italian sauces and seasoning and recipes.

Another reason Medford needs an Olive Garden is that Olive Garden never leaves you sitting and waiting without any food and drink. For example, you don’t want to just sit and start to get a stomach ache because there is no food for you to eat. Olive Garden is really quick and does not let you get a stomach ache while they make your food. One time I was waiting in a drive-through for 20 minutes. I was so hungry we had to go to another drive-through that was much faster.

The final reason Medford needs an Olive Garden is that the Olive Garden has the best breadsticks, soups, and salads. For instance, have you had some soup in a can, salads in a bag, and breadsticks that you have to warm up and you are so hungry? But when you go to an Olive Garden they have better homemade soups, salads, and breadsticks.

This shows that Medford needs an Olive Garden that will help families get better food in Medford and people won’t have to get store-bought food, but it’s ok still to get store-bought.

— By Macie Juedes

Do you think there is too much garbage in the world? Well if you do, read this essay.

People need to stop littering because when you drop your garbage, the wind will carry it into the water nearest to it. One time I saw trash and the wind picked it up and I went running after the trash and I caught the garbage. Also, one time I caught this plastic bag.

Another reason why people should stop littering is because animals can die. For example, many marine animals such as sea turtles and sea birds are killed each year. They mistake plastic waste for food.

Another reason why people should stop littering is because it makes the world look better instead of all trashy and bad. Imagine your city full of trash and then imagine it if you didn’t litter anymore.

Can you convince your parents to clean up the litter with you when they drop garbage? If you do, that would be awesome. In conclusion, that’s why I think people should stop littering.

— Kylee Sadnick

Have you ever wondered what garbage could do? I’m sure some people do. That’s why people need to stop littering.

One reason why people need to stop littering is because it flies onto a beach. The current could pick it up, bring it in the water and an animal could die from it. For example, soda bottle holders can get stuck around a turtle’s neck and it could choke to death.

Another reason why people need to stop littering is so other people don’t have to pick up their garbage. Once when this guy threw a soda bottle at a lake it hit me and I had to pick it up. That simple act of tossing your water bottle, food wrapper, or cigarette butt out the car window is hurting you. Mostly in the wallet, but also in the quality of life, safety, and health.

The last reason why people need to stop littering is because cleaning up litter costs $11.5 billion each year and that’s a lot to our cleaning service. Also, garbage can pollute the air. Businesses actually have to pick up a tab of $9.1 billion to keep their properties clean. Those who pay taxes in the United States pay over $1.3 billion through our states, cities, and counties to clean up litter.

In conclusion, that’s why people need to stop littering.

— Nicole Dassow