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Heath responds to State Superintendent Underly’s letter

Vox Pop

It was a report by a Blue Ribbon commission on how to fix our broken school funding system. Of course these were self-proclaimed experts. They studied the problem for two years. The article appeared in June 24 Vox Pop of The Star News. The letter states that they (the experts) knew the answer before they started studying the problem. Their answer will so surprise you, that you’ll say how wonderfully smart these so called experts are.

Their solution, spend billions of dollars. Blue Ribbon you could have guessed their only solution to every problem. Spend more money, they never think of any other solution, but spend more money.

I’m told we spend more money in the United States for each student in school than any other country. Yet, I am told we rank 25th in math skills. How is that for you, so-called experts.

It is not more money, it is a basic desire to teach. What do we get out of these education experts? Excuses as to why we can’t teach and why kids can’t learn.

The state department of education, along with the national department of education, have destroyed the educational ability of our schools to teach our kids.

It is time to take all our kids out of public education. It is only strong language, if we are unwilling to see the results of what is happening in America.

You know the saying “If you are 50 miles from home you can be an expert on anything you want.” The one named in this Vox Pop is Underly. Of course they do not live in Medford, Abbotsford or any other town close by.

Now is the time to say no to these, money hungry, power grabbing people. At this point if we really want to invest in our kids consider home schooling. Makes you shiver, there are wonderful resources that can help you in home schooling your kids. Parochial schools are an alternative.

Do what needs to be done to protect your kids from public education. In my opinion our money hungry power grabbing education system is destroying America. If you do not believe me, just take a really hard look at where today’s problems are coming from.

— Charley Heath, Medford