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We must clean up our elections

Esther Niedzwiecki



Elections are over -- or are they? This reminds me of Gore/Bush time with “hanging chads.” We don’t have chads now, but questionable voting machines and too many mail-in ballots. Back then, it was Florida with issues, but they fixed things and were done with counts in a few hours.

The Smartmatic/Dominion machines are in question. An IT specialist warned several states of problems, but 30 states went ahead. It seems the machines had a glitch, with potential for other countries to hack in.

Then, from Epoch Times, a report that more than 51,000 absentee ballots came in the day after they were mailed, with 35,000 coming in the day they were mailed, and anlother 15,000 returned the day before the ballots went out.

I have many more stories, but I’m waiting for investigations to wrap up; it may take time. The Gore/Bush fiasco took 37 days. Meanwhile, my kids are disgusted, so are my grandkids, two of which voted for the first time. But this isn’t new. I recall over the years both parties complained to the CIA and FBI of voter fraud, with no results.

It’s a disgrace that the United States of America can’t seem to conduct an orderly election with uniform standards. First, every state needs to clean up the voter rolls, wiping out dead people, still listed. Many voted from the graves again. Then, only two ways to vote -- in person or absentee, no more mail-in ballots for everyone. I know one person who received four ballots, another couple got four. Then, stop late returns. No more “discovered boxes” coming in late. We simply must clean this up. Oh, and mandatory photo IDs.

We will never hear any of this on TV or social media. They simply choose the news they put out, blocking what they don’t. They are owned by global corporations at the core of the problems. Joseph Stalin said, “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.”

Some radio stations I trust are 550 AM-Wausau, 880 AM-Eau Claire, and WVCY 900 (Owen) FM, then at night 700 AM-Cincinnati, 760 AM-Detroit. I also listen to short-wave during the day. I also get several newsletters and newspapers. I try to get to the truth. If we don’t get this cleaned up, we’ll never get another trusted election.