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What makes a good leader?

Vox Pop

What is a good leader for our country? I know what I look for, and I know what I want. It is someone that can bring peace to our country, someone that shows respect for other people. Someone who can say they are wrong without blaming others. Someone who is willing to tell the truth even when the news might not be good. I want someone who wi ll respect their rivals enough to call them by their name not make up negative names for them. I want someone that will listen to others and know that they are not always right, not fire people that disagree with them. I want someone that will hold our country together not split us apart. I want the same person who looks at our captive soldiers as heroes and not losers, our dead as heroes not suckers.

Once you become President, you should not have a party you should be there for all of the people. Same goes for the rest of the elected offices. They all forget that the y work for us.the people/not for themselves. You have a responsibility to follow the law not to make up your rules like a Dictator would. They should want a cleaner world not take regulations away, that will make our air and water polluted. The people around you are there to help you make good decisions, watchdogs are there to keep everyone around you on the straight path. You don’t fire them when they find someone doing wrong that is their job.

I am not a Democrat or Republican, I make my choice by whoever fits the most of my values, and at this point the I really don’t think he has any values. He only cares about winning by any means, even if it takes the right to vote safely away from people or, he will let them vote and just say they don’t count in the end. If the Republican ever want my vote again, they better have more to offer then just being Pro Life, stop and think if Abortion is the only reason you would vote for a Republican, there is more to Pro-life then that. It is how you treat all life and every aspect of life. It can’t be the only one factor of Pro-life for me to vote for someone. I also want a better world for them to live in with air they can breathe, water they can drink, a place they don’t put children in cages. A safe place to live that believes in love not hate. I Hope others will think about our future and not just about today all lives are important and making a better world for everyone without division is what we need. Vote to make us whole again we were always great.

— Rosemary Heier, Medford