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Legislature should be working

Vox Pop

Six months. That’s how long the Wisconsin State Legislature has been on vacation during a pandemic and economic crisis. Our representatives are getting paid to do nothing. If there was ever a time to come together, work across the aisle, and get things done, it is now. We have escalating COVID-19 illnesses and deaths in Clark County. That’s on top of the struggles we already face in rural Wisconsin: lack of health care options, lack of good paying jobs, lack of internet. Our legislators have sued the Governor over voting rights and COVID response but have come up with no alternative solutions. How many of us get paid to not do our jobs?

We need to elect hardworking people who are willing to sit down with each other to find solutions. Now, more than ever. Emily Berge is running for the 68th Assembly District and in her years on city council, she has shown that she knows how to bring people together for a common goal. She has created neighborhood committees to strengthen the voices of average citizens. And as a mental health counselor, Emily Berge knows all too well that we need to drive an hour away to get medical care, especially for mental health issues. We need someone who understands what our needs are and cares enough to fight to fix them.

The legislature decided that they didn’t need to do their jobs this year. That they would rather take their ball and go home than help the people of our great state. That’s why we are in this mess. That’s why we need to elect people who will show up to work and do what needs to get done.

— Mindy Walker, Willard