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Why all those Trump signs?

Darlene & Dennis Bucheger



The Trump organization has done a great job of getting lawn signs out around rural Wisconsin. Seeing them makes me wonder what motivates the property owner that displays the sign. It might be because they do not like Social Security. President Trump has a plan in place to destroy Social Security. After all, why should people that have worked long and hard be allowed to retire with a plan that helps pay the cost of living?

It might be Trump’s immigration plan that they like. Obama sent more immigrants back than Trump has, but he didn’t lock kids up in oversized cages, take infants away from their mothers or allow hysterectomies to be performed on immigrant women without their permission the way the Trump administration has. Do people actually support such a policy? Maybe they like Trump’s environmental plan that ignores climate change, allows automobile and power companies to discharge more pollutants into the air we breathe, reduces regulations for discharging effluent into public waterways, and opens previously protected national parks and monuments to coal mining and drilling for oil and gas. If they think the air and water is too clean, Trump will fix it.

It could be they like Trump’s economic plan. He started a tariff war and declared it would be easy to win. Wisconsin leads the nation in farm suicides, and we have lost well over 1,500 dairy farms in the last two years, but maybe winning the tariff war is easy if you live by Wall Street instead of on Main Street. Only 890,000 people applied for unemployment insurance last week. That is up a little bit, but not as high as the 6.5 million in March. Trump says he wants companies to bring jobs back from overseas. That sounds good, but how many overseas companies owned in part or in whole by the Trump family have moved back to this country?

A Trump sign might indicate a family that does not like the idea of having complete, affordable health insurance. Are cookie sales and golf tournaments to help cover expenses for family members facing insurmountable medical costs better than having those costs covered like they are in every other industrialized nation in the world?

Maybe a Trump sign means the people do not like high quality public education. Trump’s plan is to spend more money on vouchers for private schools.

Not a single one of Trump’s policies help make the lives of working Americans easier, so when I see those signs I am left to wonder why?