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States should deal with COVID

Rick Weber



Bryce (Luchterhand), your continued onslaught of letters to the editor, constantly complaining about President Trump’s COVID response, is getting old. You can cite all the stats you want, complain about the opinions voiced by our President. It will make no difference, because it is a virus and it is here.

In my opinion, President Trump’s handling of the supposed pandemic has been exemplary. The fact is the President has done as much as the constitution allows. He has offered help and hope, ramped up production of essential items, provided naval hospital ships, constructed field hospitals, just to name a few actions he took. He denied no governor’s request for help in this matter. If Joe Biden were president we would be in real trouble, he has problems reading a teleprompter. Joe Biden claimed 200 million people, two-thirds of the United States, died from COVID in a speech recently, he can’t even get his numbers right.

Bryce, in your recent letter you cited the number of cases in Wisconsin. The question I would like you to answer is, where are your complaints about our Governor Tony Evers? You seem to blame Trump for the rise in Wisconsin cases, but give the head of Wisconsin’s government a free pass. Governor Evers is the individual who shut down the state of Wisconsin. Governor Evers is the individual who closed schools, closed religious services, closed businesses all across the state, and caused rampant unemployment in Wisconsin. You seem to fail to realize the Constitution of the United States of America limits the power of the federal government. The response to COVID is more the responsibility of the governors. The blame belongs more on the shoulders of the governors than the executive branch. Perhaps our national COVID numbers would be lower if we had fewer Democratic governors.

So in closing I prefer a limited federal government. I believe the people of Wisconsin can solve our challenges and problems better than politicians in Washington, D.C. When I have an issue with government it is much easier to solve locally than nationally. If you wish for an all powerful federal government you only have to go 90 miles south of Florida. If you would choose to move to Cuba for the benefits of an all powerful federal government, I would advise that you learn to speak Spanish.

Finally please remember, do not worry about the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye, when you have a tree in your own.