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‘We are in this together’

Jennifer Kadolph

Loyal School Board president


As we continue to move through these troubling times there is no right or wrong path for pandemic action. With mixed emotions, our school moved to re-open five days a week. We craved to see children learning, socializing and returning to their daily routines. My heart aches for our students as no current situation is anything close to resembling their normal life. Today I helped serve lunch in our cafeteria and it was so refreshing to see smiling eyes and children just eating food together. It really is the small things that we appreciate most.

Our staff and students have adapted to change so well, they are truly our role models. During a recent school board meeting, we had concerned parents attend and express their frustrations. Many showed support and encouraged the board to forge ahead. We desperately needed to hear this input.

There were times during the meeting where emotions ran high and as a board member, I regret not having an open board discussion to resolve issues then and there. Our environment was very uncontrolled. We were not in our usual meeting area, we had access to only one microphone, we could not visually see one another, etc. I have reviewed guidelines, procedures and statutes and will be making all efforts to have those open discussions moving forward.

I encourage parents and staff to attend our school board meetings. Regardless of our individual thoughts, beliefs and opinions, we are in this together. I firmly believe we make good choices with more information at hand.

I am dedicated, and proud, to serve our district, school, students and staff. #LoyalProud