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BLM sows ‘unrest and hatred’

Pamela Jaffke



My heart breaks as I watch my country being destroyed from within. Of course I mourn the loss of all lives. Unfortunately, Black Lives Matter, an organization people think will help solve the problem, is only sowing more division, unrest and hatred. This is the organization that the Democratic Party and all major sports leagues have embraced.

So, what does BLM actually promote? A quick internet search of BLM and the Movement for Black Lives, a nationwide coalition of BLM groups, will paint a clear picture of their agenda. BLM is not a civil rights movement but a political movement with a Marxist agenda committed to destroying all that has made America great. Co-founder Patrisse Cullors plainly stated “We are trained Marxists.” Greater New York BLM President Hawk Newsome warned that, “if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.”

Here are some examples-- taken directly from their manifesto -- of their goals for America: 1. Dismantle the nuclear family. Will someone please explain to me how not having a mother and father raise their children is good for the child? Right now, the government, through welfare, pays for the father not to be present in the child’s life. How well is that working out for the black community?

2. Promote homosexuality and transgenderism. I am not a homophobe, these lifestyles do not adhere to God’s word.

3. Anti-law and order. “We believe that prisons, police and all other institutions that inflict violence on black people must be abolished.”

4. Anti-capitalist. “We are anti-capitalist. We believe and understand that Black people will never achieve liberation under the current global racialized capitalist system.”

5. Pro-abortion. BLM announced “solidarity” with “reproductive justice” (aka, pro-abortion) groups in February 2015. I guess all black lives really don’t matter. This hypocrisy is even more blatant, considering unborn black babies are three times more likely to be aborted that white babies. Now that is clear racism.

If the BLM movement (and by extension, the Democratic Party) is the problem, what is the answer? During President Trump’s visit to Kenosha, Trump led a roundtable discussion with various leaders of the community. One of the participants was Pastor James and his wife. In a nutshell, he implored the nation to turn back to God where “Your word will be dominant.” He talked about the three laws of society -- spiritual, moral and civil and a partnership between pastors and the police. When the pastors do their job well with the spiritual and moral laws, it makes the job of the police much easier. Civil law will not be restored until the spiritual and moral laws are rebuilt.

From Pastor James: “God, You alone are the one to make us individual and indivisible and by being indivisible, there will be liberty and justice for all.” Amen.