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Writer: Support the postal service

Douglas Lee

Marshfi eld


The administration has recently temporarily put on hold, but has refused to reverse, its reductions of postal service. The Postmaster General says it is to decrease costs and improve profits of the USPS. If that is true it is understandable but if so why are other government services -- NASA, NOAA, Air traffic control, public highways and practically every other service -- not expected to be profitable?. The USPS is a core service of the U.S. government but politicians have created the belief that it must be profitable.

The President at the same time has said he is against needed COVID related funding for USPS because he wants to discourage mail-in/absentee voting even though that is how he votes. The Democrats have requested additional funds to make sure every mailed vote can be counted. But as one of the President’s senior advisors said, “So much of the Democratic asks are really liberal left wish lists, voting rights ... that’s not our game.” So if you are one of many who should not or cannot go to the polls – he doesn’t want your vote counted. That is voter suppression.

If the Republican attack on the USPS is able to continue after the election – good luck with your bill payments, your prescriptions, and your cards and packages getting there on time. Good luck with keeping your local post office and its services. Vote to protect the post office. If you don’t vote you are voting to decrease your postal service.

For now make sure you are registered to vote, get a ballot, fill it in, have your signature witnessed and mail it early or drop it off at your clerk’s office. Make sure you have read all the instructions and then check at MyVoterInfo to make sure your vote was received. Support your postal service.