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Oh, there is quite a difference

Linda Osegard



The difference between President Trump and Joe Biden is stark. Some examples: Biden says climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the planet while Trump says it doesn’t exist. Biden wants to expand the Affordable Health Care Plan while Trump wants to end it. Biden would like to make voting easier and faster while Trump attempts to make voting more difficult, slower, and more cumbersome.

With COVID-19 killing over a thousand Americans a day, Biden is calling for a nationwide, coordinated effort to defeat it, while Trump calls it a hoax and says it will “just disappear.” Biden believes in science and supports programs based in scientific research while Trump does not believe in science, relying on disparaged medical doctors and offering debased methods of combating disease.

Biden believes “Dreamers” should be given a path to citizenship and continue to contribute to this nation. Republicans want to throw them out of the country. Democrats believe in treating people humanely, even when they come into this country illegally. Republicans believe it is okay to separate children from their parents, lock them in cells resembling cages, and to fail to reunite families.

Democrats believe the nation must end racial injustice, provide equal opportunity to everyone and bring the country together, united as a stronger, better nation. Republicans welcome white supremacists, use racially-charged language and are divisive in their actions. President Trump leads the party and is described as narcissistic, chauvinistic and xenophobic. These are characteristics the Republican Party has never openly embraced, until now, when it offers its full support of President Trump.

Biden has a history of inclusion, uniting, healing, and hope. There is a difference between the two men and the two