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Says column shows Wilson’s ignorance of conspiracies

Vox Pop

When the World Economic Forum announces that COVID-19 is a crisis equals opportunity moment for a “great global reset” of the world’s economic system I find that nothing to sneeze at.

When the former secretary general of NATO writes of warning signals of an impending U.S.-China war I take notice.

When a man working with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Commission announces they are compelled to change the world’s economic system to one which eliminates cash and records all transactions on the blockchain I take that seriously.

When the same announces a digital passport will be required for every individual to return to the common space, I believe that is the intent.

When Windows Central reports the entry point for the newly emerging economic system is ID2020; that they await with interest who is to lead this global system as no one will be permitted to buy nor sell without it, that is newsworthy.

When ID2020 advisor (Elizabeth Renieris) resigns from the project citing blockchain immunity passports as a serious danger to democracy, hence aggressively starts to speak out against it, I find that significant.

Some may refer to that as “conspiracy theory.” I refer to that as news. Everything is in plain sight and verifiable.

Those who read and believe scripture may recognize some potential prophetic significance with all of these things.

The use of “black helicopters” is a means of marginalizing another. Perhaps Brian Wilson’s recent rambling really is about “black helicopters,” perhaps not. I find that unlikely. His attempt portray others as crazy only serves to make him appear ignorant.

— Richard Peterson, Medford