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Reader says public needs to vote for their lives

Vox Pop

The torch is again being passed to the youth of the planet. It also includes up to and beyond those of fifty and younger. In reality, it includes all those who have young children, young grandchildren, great-grandchildren, or those who in a few years will be bringing new life to this earth.

This is now their torch, for they are the ones who will truly suffer the consequences of a destructive ignored past. My generation and those beyond will be gone.

Those after are the ones who must try to keep the torch burning, to ensure its flame does not die out. They are the last chance of the future. All of this is regardless of gender, race, religious belief or nationality. It has no borders, no walls, no escape. They must all work together as a single unit.

This torch is this planet earth which we, no matter our location on the planet, all call home. We have no other.

This torch, this earth is being rapidly attacked by man-made factors and only man-made factors. We are attacking with constant population expansion, resource depletion, climate change, pollution of water, air, soil, huge income inequality across all corners of the planet.

Each of these alone or in any combination or altogether can and will cause massive hunger, poverty among millions, many millions, extinction of how many million species, plus we have just seen the potential of widespread health issues.

My generation along with many generations before engineered much of this impending disaster. Much of what is now happening was known decades ago. Needless to say the powers that be during those years chose to place most on the back burner and I mean the far back burner. When and if there was action taken it was most likely insufficient, never enforced fully, not worldwide or just completely ignored.

So we continue to live with and tolerate “creepage” it continues to happen only a bit faster than a snails pace. Hence any change may be difficult to detect. Thus we decide to ignore it or simply pretend it’s not there.

Eventually the snail is at the door and now it’s a huge threatening problem which could have been resolved years earlier.

In politics today they (current politicians) see the dog charging to bite them in the butt, knowing he is going to bite their butts, and bite them hard, really hard before they try to close the door.

The past generations (politicians) have passed the torch, even knowing the danger to the future generations and it appears they have done it without any cares or concerns. So many times their solution to impending unpopular problems which must be corrected is the easy way out, if we can pass it to someone else, problem solved!

This torch has been passed to those so much younger. I only hope they can and do respond quickly with purpose, unity, cooperation, passion, strength and concern for those yet to be born (if the future continues past their lives), also themselves plus us many older along with all the world species wherever and whatever they are.

They must find the leaders who will be responsive of the future and support that individual(s) regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs, nationality or political affiliation. The money personalities must be removed.

I won’t be around when the “stuff” truly hits the fan. But I will have extended family, grandchildren, all those after myself somewhere on the planet. Needless to say, even at this very moment they have a very good chance of saying, “Grandpa, what were you thinking?”

Only those 18-50 can change those worlds or cushion them for minimum damage. I have and will support them fully, I also believe there are many in my age group who will do the same, for the well-being of the future. Those younger who will bear the torch must react and re-act with unity.

They must become the leaders whom will resolve or minimize these extremely dangerous, and they are dangerous problems. They must work worldwide because on today’s planet there are no borders, no walls, no escape. We have only one home, bad vibes somewhere eventually become bad vibes everywhere and will threaten that home.

My generation, 75 years plus.

Walter Tomczyk, Dorchester