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Does electricity cause pandemics?


I just finished a book, “The Invisible Rainbow,” by Arther Firstenberg. Fascinating. It’s a history of electricity and how it could relate to pandemics.

First, in the 1800s, a huge influx of electric lines went up all over the world, then, in 1889, a massiveinfluenza broke out, as if the heavens opened up and a strange disease emerged. It hung around for four years, killing one million people. In 1890, a physician began studies: How does electricity in high frequencies affect living organisms? In 1897, Marconi did many experiments, later suffering serious poor health and died, just as the bees were disappearing.

In 1916, the UK installed 18 long-range stations to keep in touch with ships during the European War. U.S. entered in 1917, building 50 more transmitters. The 1918 flu erupted but did not have a cure -- strange.

In 1889, the power line radiation began. In 1968, radar was introduced, followed by more”flu.” In the 1970s, work began on HARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), 180 antenna transmiiters that turn the area into a giant radio wave. It’s in the Wrangle Mountain range in Alaska. In 1988, a physicist called it “an irresponsible act of global vandalism.” Another called it “a ritual of suicide in slow motion.” There are several more around the world.

Today, 180 scientists and doctors are warning the world abou 5G health risks. We are exposing the global public to frequencies akin to microwaves at one billion cycles per second. (AmericansforResponsibleTech. org). We hope this has been tested, but no, not so. 5G (in the 60GHZ range) affects the oxygen levels, leading to the same symptoms as COVID-19. Coincidence? Who knows? Radiation does one major thing to humans and animals, it destroys DNA, not good.

We live with diseases of civilization, self-inflicted on us, our animals, plants, insects, refusing to recognize that we have harnessed a force that is out of control. The book is a must read for everyone. There will come a day when society awakens to the seriousness of electromagnetic contamination, and the effects on all living beings, including ourselves. Bigger and better aren’t always the best.

I have no answers, just more questions. Can we ever get back to a nice quiet day? Safe and healthy?

Esther Niedzwiecki