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Competition Brought Out the Best of Us

Competition Brought Out the Best of Us Competition Brought Out the Best of Us

Since the very beginning of our journey through school, we have been competing against each other, but over the years it has been for different reasons. Competition is what makes us successful, as it makes us push ourselves to do the very best that we can do. It all started with line leaders in kindergarten, the best behaved student in the class getting to be it for a whole week. Then to sleeping in the “house” during naptime, to getting gold stars from Mrs. Carlson for prizes at the end of the week. Over the years we have learned how important competition is in life, because it will always be there no matter where life takes you. High school has been the most competitive part of our lives so far, both academically and sports wise. Everything at this point all seems to be so crucial, because our academics can determine so much of our future. Academically, the top six are all above a 3.9 GPA. Meaning if we slip even a little and get a lower than normal grade, then we might lose our spot at the top. Because of that we actually push each other to do his or her best. It’s like we are all secretly rooting for each other, even if it doesn’t show. Another way our class is competitive, is through sports. We have a lot of athletic students in our class, who are all amazing athletes. Throughout the sports seasons there has been so much competition, but they have always had a huge support system from our class as well. They may have to compete for spots for their positions, but they will still always have support from everyone else, showing how close our class truly is.

The experience with the little competitions we’ve had against each other over the years is what is going to push us through whatever life forces us into, whether it be college or the workforce or just whatever obstacles it throws at us. Competition has taught us commitment, discipline, patience and how to cope with failure, all qualities of which we will need to use throughout the rest of our lives. — Maegan Wudi