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Writer urges people to start recall campaign over governor’s safer at home orders

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To all residents of Wisconsin: We are all going through an unprecedented event in our history with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our governor, Tony Evers has been totally misusing his authority as governor to serve and protect the citizens of this state. His “safer at home” policy was enacted on ALL Wisconsin citizens While the lock down of all the citizens and businesses in this country was intended to prevent the massive overloading of our health care system.

Given the “scientific models” of the likely numbers of people affected by this sickness, shutting everything down was a prudent move to take initially. These models however, were deliberately made extremely high to justify the radical response and instill the necessary level offear in the public. OK fine, a month of this isolation can maybe be justified, but any more than that is just Tony Evers’ power trip!

There are 72 counties in Wisconsin. Apparently Evers is only aware of two — Milwaukee and Dane. His one size fits all attitude toward the “safer at home” is effectively putting many of the small businesses in the rest of the state out of business!

There is a fundamental law of economics called “opportunity cost.” It states that for every decision made something else has to be given up. In this case for Evers to take the stand of shutting the entire state down, is an opportunity cost far too high. The loss of our economy far exceeds any supposed limiting of viral spread. When you consider that northern Wisconsin has had very few cases but many of the family-owned businesses cannot and will not survive this extended shutdown.

Tony Evers, like so many comrades is moving lockstep with the Washington liberal establishment toward destroying the greatest economy this country has ever seen. The longer he can stretch out this incarceration the more likely irreparable damage can be done to our economy.

The fact that 2020 is a presidential election year makes this all the more imperative. This shut down is deliberately intended to do as much damage to Presidents Trump’s chances for reelection, Wisconsin residents be damned.

Tony Evers has been an absolute disaster for Wisconsin. In addition to totally mishandling the COVID-19 issues, his input to this spring election can only be seen as scandalous. On the 6th of April, the day before our spring election Evers declares an executive order to postpone the election because he’s “concerned” about in person voting with viral spread.

Absolute lie! The truth is he became aware that his preference for supreme court justice was losing, and by delaying the election the results could be altered. When the state supreme court reversed his order (thankfully), he then closed 80% of the voting locations. Oh he’s sure worried about social distancing, not. In addition to all this he instructed members on the election board to disregard the Ozaukee County judges order to not allow some 200,000 ineligible people to vote. They were allowed to vote anyway. Tony Evers; candidate choice won the judgeship election.

One other very bad decision that Evers made was to ‘outlaw any meat raffles to be held at bars or restaurants. These very popular meat raffles were a good way for bars and restaurants to make extra money in a time when profit margins were slim. The fact of the matter is most of meat raffl e money was donated to local charities. The popularity of the raffles brought in more people and the bars and restaurants benefited from that. A win/win for the local communities.

Tony Evers is a total detriment to the state of Wisconsin and needs to be recalled immediately before he can cause any further harm to the state and it’s residents. His authoritarian attitude and tyrannical methods of governing have got to stop.

Recall Tony Evers now. Contact The Wisconsin Governmental Accountability Board and petition for a recall election before it’s too late. — Judy Dahl, Phillips