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Writer: ‘Stop the madness … open up Wisconsin’

Leonard Boltz



It’s becoming more and more clear to those keeping up with the real news that the COVID-19 virus that has been used to terrify the nation, destroy our businesses, our airlines, our tax base and our way of life, is actually not that scary at all. A recent study by Dr. Ioannidis of Stanford School of Medicine showed that the virus has infected 50 to 85 times as many people as what was initially reported. These findings were nearly duplicated days later by a USC-LA County study. The new numbers show that the death rate of people contracting the virus as about equal or even below that of the getting the flu. Perhaps I should repeat that. Its death rate is that of the flu. Should we shut down the country every year during the flu season?

This has been reported on Fox News, printed in the Wall Street Journal and available on the internet for those willing to look for it. It is not reported on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, New York Times, or any of the other “fake news” outlets. If you’re a liberal, or basically uninformed, and you depend on those sources for your news, then you will remain in the dark about the truth regarding COVID-19. For those people it is much more comforting to stay on the anti-Trump bandwagon and continue every possible diabolical scheme to remove him from office.

Lets face it folks, we have been duped and it’s about time we face it. Studies are now showing that states that didn’t shut down have no greater infection rate than those that did. Sweden did not shut down their economy at all and is doing just fine. The hospitals have been incentivized to inflate their numbers for financial gain. How many are aware of that? Why have no reporters investigated why so few people in the last two months are dying from heart attacks, our leading cause of death?

The Democrats didn’t invent this crisis, but they are surely exploiting it in a last ditch effort to remove Donald Trump from office. It is amazing to me that they will stoop this low. This is evil beyond comprehension. It’s no wonder that the states that have decided to open are led by Republican governors and those extending these stay-at-home orders are led by Democrats. We have been led astray by relying on unproven models, fear, and politics of the deep state.

No, I will not stop going to rallies to defend my freedom and constitutional rights and I will continue to urge people to come out and do the same. It’s time to start questioning those that want to continue this path of destruction. It’as time to stop the madness and open up Wisconsin.