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Support president, says reader

Carol Tomfohrde



After reading Mr. Berglund’s article in the April 29 TRG newspaper about the COVID-19 virus, I feel the need to express my opinion.

Our country is going thru a very difficult time and we need to support our president. It’s people like you no matter how much good he has done for our country you would never acknowledge it. As far as the president has never acknowledged the loss of life and shows no sorrow for those who have died, that is wrongl;y stated. He has many times in his news conferences expressed deep concern and sorrow for them. As I suggested before, change your TV channel once in a while, it’s amazing what you will learn.

When the president is claiming the economy will jump back and will be better than ever and you say as if it had been so good. You know as well as I the economy has very much improved and unemployment was at an all-time low but because the president helped get us there you would never admit it. We are Americans and we will bounce back and be stronger than ever.

It looks like Mr. Joe Biden will be the Democratic choice for president. That’s a scary thought as most of the time he doesn’t know what state he has his hairy legs in. A very interesting time for our country, if he got in it would be worse than the Obama years.

I would like to remind everyone to support our farmers as they are going thru a very difficult time. When shopping, instead of purchasing soda for the kids, purchase milk. Cheese is a good snack food or use it in your meals daily or the many of the other dairy products. As a kid growing up at the dinner table we would say, “Pass the butter, please.” We need to get back to using the butter. We should support the opening of the meat markets so animals that the farmers have spent time and money raising for food can sell them. Remember Wisconsin is the dairy state, let’s keep it that way.

The last time I commented on an article I received a note from someone who must be ashamed of what they wrote as they were too embarrassed to put their name on it. I used it to start the fire.