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Says it is wrong for government to close businesses

Vox Pop

On Friday I attended the Re-Open Wisconsin rally at the state Capital. What an uplifting experience to be part of a group of people that cherishes liberty and the Constitution. By Evers actions of late, he obviously values neither.

The lockdown is illegal, period. Where is it written in the Wisconsin or U.S. constitution that the government can force a legitimate business that has done nothing wrong to close and everyone has to stay locked up inside their house? Someone, please point it out to me. To hear the stories of the people affected by the illegal lockdown was absolutely heartbreaking. Business owners are facing financial ruin. The one speaker that affected me the most was the story of a 28 year old dairy farmer that is losing $20,000 a month. He is a fourth or fifth generation farmer and he will not survive if this goes on another month. If we lose this generation of farmers, who will be left to produce our food?

I can hear the naysayers now, “but what about all the people that will die if we are allowed to open everything back up?” A doctor at the rally said it best when he stated that, with the side-effects of the lockdown, we are just substituting one death for another. That is amoral.

Are we “safer” when businesses fail and the owner can no longer support him/herself? Are we “safer” when someone’s income has been ripped away from them and they have to choose between food and life-saving medicine? Are we “safer” when kidney stone surgery is deemed not necessary for an 89 year old woman? These were all testimonials I heard last Friday.

Just a few side notes. When a company tried to drop off porta-potties for the thousands of participants, the Capital Police told them they would be fined and arrested. Dictator Evers, that is not playing politics, that is endangering public health. And then there were the snipers of the rooftops of the buildings surrounding the Capital. I’m not sure who they were planning to shoot, since there was not a hint of violence and many of the speakers quoted scripture, like the Beatitudes — you know, Blessed are the Peacemakers . . .

The bottom line is that Wisconsin’s economy is on life-support. We need to get back to work. Should we use extra precautions for our most vulnerable citizens? Of course. If you still want your business to stay closed or stay in your home, that’s your choice. But give other people the choice to earn a living.

Open Wisconsin Now. — Pamela Jaffke, Owen