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Thank you to all heroes

Thank you to all heroes Thank you to all heroes

There are heroes walking among us.

They do not wear capes or duck into phone booths to change into spangly spandex suits to fight off monsters. They do not have bat caves or ride on jet-powered motorcycles.

These heroes look like everyone else. They go about their days as normal people do — working, spending time with their families, watching television, reading books and even playing video games.

Some of these heroes are obvious. They are the doctors, nurses and other medical providers and support personnel on the front lines in treating the sick or injured. They are the firefighters, ambulance crews and other first responders who are there in times of crisis and pain. They are law enforcement officers there to enforce the law and keep people and property safe. They are the teachers who open doors to learning spreading knowledge like a gardener does seeds in the springtime.

These are some of the more obvious heroes. There are others whose heroism is more understated, yet equally as valuable.

These are the people who stand up and help others at times of need, not out of any hope of personal gain or desire for glory, but because it is the right thing to do. This group includes many who would never consider themselves to be heroes or, for that matter, would run away if someone attempted to pin a ribbon on their chest.

These heroes include the people who donate blood on a regular basis, something especially critical at this time when blood stores are low. These heroes are those who volunteer to run errands or go shopping for the elderly, disabled or immune-compromised during the COVID-19 pandemic allowing these individuals to have their needs met without risking their health.

This group of hidden heroes also includes small workshops of volunteers who are busy producing things like face masks and protective shields that will be used by area responders and medical staff to reduce the spread of infection. These are individuals not seeking to profit, but to protect.

Heroism is when you see a need and you make the choice to lend a hand when it would be easier to turn away. It is going out of your way to help a neighbor or stranger when they have a need. Heroism comes in looking out for others whether they are teammates, coworkers or the community even when doing so causes a personal inconvenience.

Heroes walk among us unrecognized and unthanked. You likely have passed one or two of them today. You may have even seen one in the mirror this morning.

The world needs as many heroes as it can get. Right now a simple “thank you” to all our heroes may not seem like enough, but it is a start.