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Seeing a repeat of running corporate candidates

Vox Pop

Looks like the DNC is going to repeat 2016 and force people to vote for the worst candidate they can find or blame people for not voting for him.

They eliminated polling places where Bernie was ahead in the polls, they didn’t count 44 precincts in Dallas, (that was just the one they caught) they changed the rules in California and the voting machines were screwing up left and right and center, but in the end the corporate owned candidate came out ahead, just as they planned.

Congratulations. You just gave Trump four more years because senile old Joe has no way of winning with the baggage he carries. Forty years of calling for Social Security cuts isn’t the only thing Joe has in his carry on. He’s also got the drug-addled, baby-daddy, Ukrainian leach he calls a son and the GOP has already announced they will start impeachment hearings on day one. “In a sea swarming with sharks, it is strongly advisable not to look like a disabled fish (William S. Burroughs) What we have here is a disabled fish that Trump will eat for lunch.

So why did they invest so much time and effort to make sure Bernie doesn’t win? The Super Tuesday win by Biden was eye opening to some. The stock market made huge gains for one day to celebrate a corporate friendly win.

Either way the, “Corporations are people too” crowd wins. I’m not even sure it has anything to do with voting anymore. In other words we are no longer in the equation and this is no longer a democracy.

When you’re watching the TV commercials for “enrollment periods,” or supplemental insurance or some other card or app that might cover you if you live in a certain area and have an HMO approved provider, or you see a benefit dance or auction to help pay for a child’s, or adults medical costs, or you wonder how you can pay for necessary drugs whose prices go up every few months, just remember you could have picked Bernie and you wouldn’t have to listen to whiny Joe Namuth concerned about getting “all the benefits I deserve.” Sure, Joe, being wealthy doesn’t mean you can afford a ride to the doctor or a meal. You poor financial loser.

— Linda Osolkowski, Rib Lake