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Calls on U.S. to abolish federal death penalty

Vox Pop

In opening: this article was originally faxed on 2/14/20. There was an error in the fax process and it did not come to my attention until 3/4/20. The article was faxed again to The Star News on 3/5/20. It is my regret to need to apologize for the delay to the readers, what follows is the original letter, no changes have been made.

The death penalty is an increasing liability to the U.S.

The lethal injection is arguably inhumane as one of the drugs used was banned by The American Veterinarian Association. It’s no longer allowed to be used on animals, but is still used on humans in lethal injection as was mentioned in “At the Death House Door” a documentary about execution in Texas.

I found that to be a very disturbing detail; as I was going over the June 28, 2018 Vox Pop article about an omnibus bill suggestion. As the Aileen Wuornos execution in Florida was on my mind, I also felt it may have been preventable as multiple psychologists involved with her case had mentioned. The bill would be useful as a prevention tool, as well as early intervention, and follow-up, as its objective is a supports and securities to recipients at a confirmation of a first conception and Aileen was pregnant as an abused child. She may have been able to gain help to acquire support instead.

I would like to see the U.S. agree to abolish the death penalty and follow the examples set by non-death penalty states as a guide to alternatives. We were wrong about the witch trials; killing our own needlessly. What are we to learn now? — Debra DeAngeles, Appleton