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Raises questions about menus at senior centers

Vox Pop

This morning, while at the senior center the conversation lead to how everyone is so very disappointed with the menu, and according to our illustrious leader who changed the menu on his own, well people are starting to complain about something that you should have discussed with the people who eat at the senior center.

Everything is well, how do you say blah, or worry about getting enough to feed the people who sign up to come and eat? We don’t always get enough when the food is prepared, so sometimes we are shorted food that we pay for, but once again we can’t seem to get it into someone’s head that it isn’t liked at all. We have tried to talk with our leader and it is like speaking to a door, at least the door doesn’t talk back, but that is what we want from this individual. But once again his high and mighty education allows him not to respect the aged, elderly, and disabled people wish for, and I do believe this will be an ongoing affair until he wakes up and hears the people that this individual is working for. But I’d better not hold my breath until he finally wakes up.

But then again that might be what someone is waiting for, too bad I’m here to stay and make my voice heard. It will be absolutely too bad that he can’t stop and realize that he works for us and he should have an open ear for complaints. If by chance you go to a meeting concerning this individual you only have two minutes to voice your concern, well pardon me but that isn’t enough time to discuss anything and this is supposed to be public comments, but just like the rest of this county all they’re for is to collect their money and go home. I was personally told that they don’t want to sit there all afternoon and listen to what the public has to say, then why on this green Earth are they elected to this committee, get off your duff and do what the people want instead of what you want, you know you can be replaced or I would think so lazy people are not needed here. But once again it all has to do with our little crooked government in this county, we want our money but we don’t want to do anything to earn it!

I don’t know but this almost sounds like a dictatorship instead of a democracy, and this is supposed to be the United States, where have we gone wrong? The real question is when do or how can we change this? Get out and vote and hope that the election is proper and not a popularity contest. I ask all aged and elderly and disabled to stand up and make your voice heard, that is the only way things can change sorry to say. Don’t let these lazy individuals keep doing whatever it is they want.

If it takes a weekly letter to the editor well I guess that is what I will have to do, make it known that you don’t like there attitude or the way things are being done. Why should they come and do whatever it is they want and not pay one instance of recognition to the people of this county, if they don’t like, well that is just too damn bad, besides you were put there to do what we the people want and not just your agenda, and they still don’t like, well then get your butts off the government boards, go home and play with the grandchildren, we don’t need or want people who only think of themselves. All the people who know what I’m referring to, know that it is them who are being discussed here today. Let’s only hope that we as a people of this county, can make the changes we need so desperately.

Thanks again for letting me express my concerns, now it is up to us to do something that this government has made a mess of. — Ted Drymiller, Gilman