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Clendenning urges people to fight back against Trump

Vox Pop

High level people speak about ideas. Average people think about things. Inferior people — Trump — speak about people.

Your word is your bond to society. Speak with honest and integrity, you will earn respect. Speak with dishonesty you may gain success and money in the short term but it will eventually cost you a loss of respect, trust, love and close relationships in the end.

If you don’t respect others you don’t respect yourself and you destroy relationships, marriages, businesses, governments and friendships, because you have no beliefs or values only dreams of money, control and an identity of narcissism. A narcissist, uneducated person cannot lead or be righteous. Reason and wisdom only enter humble people. An arrogant person - Trump - is too full of himself for anything to enter.

If you are a person of truth and integrity, having humility does not mean letting lying crooked politicians and media moguls walk all over you. Fight back.

It used to be if you did not understand something you admitted it, and put some effort in finding the truth before you assumed anything. That’s history for most people today. Today the internet has distorted the world of truth. Twitter has made everyone a genius.

As far as I am concerned the reality of humans is that we are the most lost, scared destructive creatures on this earth. Being real with the truth and life is realizing that you are going to die. And it must scare the hell out of some people. Because some people seem to care more about money, power, alcohol, drugs and sex than reason and the truth.

If you don’t think the truth leads to a better world, you are a fool and you should stay out of politics. You are not morally fit to vote.

On July 20, 2017, Trump called our nations military forces dopes and babies. Trump is a draft dodger. I cannot believe not one career soldier didn’t stand up and take a swing at him.

If the military brass won’t stand their ground, I will. First, Trump you could never be a soldier, you’re a spineless coward that pays for your safety. Second, you’re brainless. Third, you have no idea what duty, honor and sacrifice even mean. Fourth your hiding behind religion is a pathetic display of narcissism and fifth the only people that would ever hang around you are scum like Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Brett Kavanaugh Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly. I would throw in Bill Cosby, but you’re a racist. Yeah we have picked a real winner here. And people wonder why there is so much chaos in Congress. Who’s your next candidate, Trump’s buddy Vladimir Putin? There is one ray of sunshine in all this and it is that time takes care of everything, even your false idolized prophet Trump. Until then, fight back. — M. Clendenning, Rib Lake