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Osolkowski critical of letter supporting Trump

Vox Pop

Thank you Chris Kulinski for your fabulously disingenuous letter. It was naked Republican fear and cowardice on display.

While claiming not to be a Republican you managed to get in a veritable symphony of Republican dog whistles. Fake news, no climate change, “morphed carrion eating lemmings” (that one was an inspired description of Corporate Democrats and Republicans alike), the repetition of “no evidence” when Trump and Co. have admitted over and over that he demanded a tit for tat, a quid pro quo, a bribe, a criminal activity. It’s in writing, on audio and video and they aren’t saying they didn’t do it, because they really don’t care that they broke the law.

Personally I believe all Republicans in the Senate are cowards and will leave him in office. Talk about paying idiots salaries, these goose steppers are so scared of his newest threat of retribution to anyone who steps out of line, they may as well phone in their not guilty votes and change their underwear now.

Yes, they will rip up the Constitution and use it for toilet paper to avoid his wrath, but their elections are coming up. “No Man Is Above The Law” actually means something even to some Republicans.

Trump’s not working with dictators to make them more democratic, he’s getting ready to be a dictator and is well on his way towards that goal. If/when the duplicitous Republicans in the Senate leave him work with Russia and China to rig our elections then we are no better than a dictatorship. How is a blow job worse than that?

Remember, “there are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true’ the other is to refuse to accept what is true.” (Kierkegaard) Unfortunately there are plenty of people who will sacrifice their country to support their party.

P.S. Disingenuous: artful distorted, misrepresented, perverted, twisted, having an intended meaning altered or misrepresented, insincere, lacking sincerity.

— Linda Osolkowski, Rib Lake