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I have been holding my tongue for quite some time, watching all the fake news print and media outlets. I read and watch many of them and it is quite time consuming. But I do it, because it is essential so that we the people know of what is going on in the swamp.

It might be helpful to let people know that there are a few reliable sources that still print and broadcast the truth.

I am neither a Democrat nor Republican.

I consider myself a Constitutional conservative Independent. Having studied that great document, that was the foundation of all our rights and privileges and was carefully debated to guard our democratic “Republic” for posterity. It is currently under fire by our Progressives / leftists / Socialists / Communists / New World Order / Climate change propagandists.

A quick note to Greta Thunberg: Climate change has been going on since the day this Earth and Heaven were formed by God.

What we need to start preparing for after the heat cycle, will be the next Ice Age.

After eight years of the Obama community organizers hope and change administration, it was refreshing to vote for someone that actually identified with the concerns of (we the people.) I would have gladly voted for a woman, but corrupt Hillary was not the one.

Neither are any of the current Democratic socialists (in varying degrees male or female ) who are vying to replace our commander in chief ) in 2020.

Can you imagine anyone of these wannabes other than President Trump (negotiating with Puttin, Kim Jong un, Ali Kahmenei or Maduro) from a position of strength?

The first baseless tenets of impeachment were floated by fake news propagandists before our current president was inaugurated.

I will say that sometimes I do not like his rhetoric, but I have heard worse from some Democrat Congressional members. They are the morphed carrion eating lemmings of the D.C. swamp. (Not all, but many.) I would still like some serious accounting of the previous Administration’s (non existent scandals?) 1. Fast and Furious 2. Uranium One 3. Bengahzi 4. Inept Iran nuclear negotiations and Billions of our dollars going to the terrorist Mullahs. 5.Hillary’s server and missing e/mails. 6.The phony Russian collusion hoax and the unmasking of many persons by the outgoing Obama Administration. 7.The tarmac meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and slick Willy. etc. etc.

But lets move on.

I was recently watching the Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace program, on Sunday Jan. 19.

I listened to an interview with Congressman Hakeem Jeffries a Democrat from New York trying to spin the non impeachable (impeachment hoax).

What I have deduced so far is: 1. There was no evidence of Russian collusion by the Trump campaign.

There may be, if a serious investigation were conducted into the malfeasance of the Clinton campaign who paid for the Russian collusion Hoax.

2. No evidence, no quid pro quo. all hearsay ( he said, she said ) and Liberal professors professing what the Commander in Chief was thinking. What rule of law does that fall under?

3. Bogus assertions of ( Obstruction of Justice ) because the President declared he would use executive privilege under the powers granted him under the constitution ( which he never got to use ) because the Impeachment managers did not subpoena the witnesses in question to start with.

4. The legal goal posts kept moving ( because of no evidence ) and finally landed on obstruction in the house Kangaroo Court hearings in a bizarre expose of a partisan rush to judgement case.

All because the Commander in Chief dared to ask to look into corruption ( of where our hard earned taxpayer money was going.) I as a taxpayer ( applaud ) the President for wanting an accounting of where our Foreign Aid is going. There should be more questions of other World leaders and organizations receiving our hard earned cash.

I as a taxpayer want to know what the (Democrats in Congress ) did for the last three and a half years except obstruct this administration from doing its job. What have we been paying these idiots their salaries for?

Speaking of Impeachment: These are the people who should be impeached for lying and obstructing, usurping constitutional authority and the will of the people. Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerold Nadler, Aleksandria Ocasio Cortese, Ilhan Omar, Maxine Waters and several others. What is in the Kool Aid they are drinking? I rest my case. In God we trust.

— Chris Kulinski, Withee