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Calls on state to focus on common good in 2020

Vox Pop

Wisconsin desperately needs to make a turn around in 2020 to focus on creating a state that promotes the health, safety, and welfare of all citizens.

First, our state needs true economic growth for all citizens. Wisconsin could follow 22 other states in raising the minimum wage. Instead of 40% of workers earning $18,000 or less, many without any benefits and working less than 40 hours per week, Wisconsin could have real full employment. Ending trade wars would boost farmers and those working in industry.

Second, Wisconsin citizens require regulations and laws to protect us. Every environmental deregulation results in more illness and death. And when we are ill it is critical to have access to health care without going broke. Citizens needs regulations that protect them from injustices perpetrated by corporations. We also require laws to sustain voting rights for all, with each vote carrying the same weight as the next one.

Third, Wisconsin needs a state budget to support the common good focusing on public education, transportation, clean water and air, renewable energy, universal health care, full funding of needs for elderly and those disabled.

The time is long overdue for citizens to come first in state priorities. Life satisfaction in the U.S. is decreasing, while the Scandinavian people are consistently happier and more satisfied because those governments promote the common good, social justice, and equity. Wisconsin could change, but only if citizens demand it and vote for it.

— Glory Adams, Eau Claire