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Defends Christian’s support of Donald Trump

Vox Pop

I’m a conservative Christian. I know there are plenty of us here in flyover country. Our “betters” of the coastal elites try to indict us as hypocrites because we support Trump. And they don’t understand why we oppose socialism even though one of our Christian legacies is the charity we provide in His name.

It’s rather simple to me. You can’t force me to turn the cheek. It’s a personal decision. You can’t force me to unilaterally disarm in the face of aggression. You can’t impose your strictures of morality or lack thereof on me when I’m doing you no harm. You can’t force your support of murder of the unborn on a people who believe that life is precious. You can’t force your values on me by clever propaganda embedded in “entertainment”. You can’t lie through your teeth about nearly every social agenda and expect me to ignore the Enemy behind the false words.

The moment you try to force your views or morality or attitude on someone else you become an agent of evil. And that’s why Trump gets the support of so many Christians. We instinctively understand he just wants to leave us alone! We instinctively understand that the media lies about him because they lie about us all the time! He’s not a hypocrite like the pious-sounding snakes of collectivism. We recognize that Trump is much more honest than the minions of evil arrayed against him and us.

So! I’ll stand with the flawed Trump any time over the lying liars of the “we know what’s good for you” secular communist elites!

— Mike Tanis, Medford