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Quotes of theYear:

“I don’t think I will make it to spring.”— Mark Carlson of the struggles of being homeless.

“T he fact that the dam was held higher than it was designed for prior to the county taking ownership is not a reason to continue to operate the dam at a higher level than it’s designed.”— Forest administrator Jake Walcisak to members of the forestry and recreation committee about the water level at Chelsea Lake.

“H igh speed internet is to them what electricity was to people in the ‘20s and ‘30s.” — Alderman Mike Bub about efforts to expand access to affordable broadband internet in Taylor County.

“B ig brother is watching.” — Gilman School Board president Jerry Sromek quipping about the nearly 40 cameras that have been installed in and around the Gilman school building.

“I was never impressed by it years ago.” — County board member Rod Adams questioning the need to spend $250,000 to replace the Camp 8 Dam. He urged board members to table action until they visited the dam.

“I think the state has now made clear they are relying upon the employee handbook and only the employee handbook.” — Attorney Rick Cveykus regarding the state’s case against detective Steve Bowers.

“P romoting and running activities are two different things.” — Airport committee member Mark Hoffman about the role the county airport manager should have in regard to pilot-sponsored events at the Taylor County Airport.

“I t is bypassing another check and balance. I don’t like it.” — Tim Hansen, city of Medford planning commission member about a proposal that would give city coordinator John Fales authority to sell industrial park land without going through the planning commission.

“I t is not because of cost, it is because of ability.” — Medford School Board member Cheryl Wibben on why students choose not to participate in sports. She was defending the district’s athletic fee policy.

“T hat’s not coming back for the foreseeable future, if it ever was there.” — County board member Lester Lewis about the need for a full-time airport manager.

“I don’t want to charge someone for an expense that isn’t there.” — County buildings and ground director Jeff Ludwig on why boat landing fees are not charged at all county park boat accesses.

“T hat is in my hands, if I keep doing what I am doing and believe I have a good chance to be on that team.” — Wheelchair curler and Ogema native Matt Thums about his goal of being on the 2022 U.S. Paraolympic team.