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Star News Quotes of theYear: ….

Star News Quotes of theYear: “M ay Our Village Playground today not be the end, but rather an inspiration and just the beginning for our school playground areas, the south side of the tunnel, and throughout our community.”— Joe Greget dedicating the Our Village inclusive playground.

“T he ma and pa tavern is becoming a thing of the past.” — Pete Madland, executive director of the Tavern League of Wisconsin.

“I s this something that needs to be done or are we putting another thing on the books to have something on the books?” — Planning commission member Tim Hansen about a proposed ordinance change that would require zoning permits for new driveways in the city.

“H e gets in there and takes care of business.” — Ken Sova about his son Ty who competes in national rodeo competitions.

“T his is the new reality.” — Medford School District administrator Pat Sullivan about the doors to all the buildings being locked during the school days and requiring buzzer access.

“I ’m not against the snow-making thing. I’m just not really on board with it.” — Jeff Ludwig, county building and grounds director to members of the building and grounds committee.

“I t always seems that everyone always wants to regulate something, even if it doesn’t need regulating.” — Chuck Gelhaus to the forestry committee, asking them to lift ATVs restrictions on trails in ruffed grouse management area.

“I ’m not comfortable with that. I think that’s bad government because most county board members would have no clue what they’re voting on.” — Mike Bub, county board supervisor, to the Taylor County ADRC and Aging Ad Hoc Committee.

“W hich position don’t you currently need? What one could we remove to put this one in place?”— Supervisor Lester Lewis to human services director Tammy Tom-Steinmetz in response to a request to add an additional mental health staff member.

“O ur purpose is to let you do that, but not cause a whole lot of trouble within the city limits. It’s something that is enforceable when it’s pretty obvious that someone’s spent half an hour just riding back and forth.” — Mayor Mike Wellner about a plan to allow limited access to city streets by ATVs and UTVs.

“T he Mondeaux Flowage, lodge and recreational area represent what our Northwoods is about.” — Sue Emmerich of Taylor County Tourism praising the announcement that a contract was awarded for the renovation of the Mondeaux Lodge.

“T here is more to the city than just brick and mortar.” — Alderman Mike Bub calling for more of the city room tax to be spent on tourism-related events rather than bulking up city reserve accounts.

“W e are getting people to spend their money out of town and not bring people into the city to spend money.” — Alderman Clem Johnson about the consequences of the city’s ATV/UTV ordinance.

“E very student in the high school in 1968, when it was opened, is eligible for Medicare.” — Medford School board member Mark Reuter about the reason why the district is looking at high school improvements.

“W e are part of the broader world, we live in the same economy.” — Supervisor Ray Soper about the county paying a higher percentage of employee healthcare costs than private industry.

“W e are depending on the community to tell us what they want done with the high school.” —District Administrator Pat Sullivan to members of the Medford City Council.