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Star News Quotes of theYear: ….

Star News Quotes of theYear: “W e can talk about budget, but it is not like we don’t have places to put $560,000.” —School board member Brian Hallgren urging the board to consider a switch to comparable but less expensive insurance provider.

“T here are a lot of little things that I thought could be improved.” —Kroy Nernberger explaining why he designed and patented an innovative new curling broom head design.

“A reduction in benefits package was a slap in the face to me.” —Becky Risch, a teacher at Medford Area Public School District urging board members to keep Security Health Plan as the district’s health insurance provider.

“A re you a member of council?” — Mitch Mertens to city coordinator John Fales after Fales commented during Mertens’ testimony at a city public hearing Tuesday night.

“I think we need to provide a safety net.” —County board member Mike Bub speaking in support of allowing a group to pursue a grant for a homeless shelter in the county.

“Y ou learn from people who are doing better than you.” — Jon Dallmann of Rib Lake Elementary School about why the school looks to learn from other high achieving schools in the state.

“T here are a lot of variables.” — Laura Lundy, curriculum director at Medford Area Public School District about the challenges of bringing up math scores.

“I would say to people who are against controlling the wolf numbers, ‘What gives you the right to decide that my life is going to change substantially because you think wolves belong in my neighborhood?” — Oneida County resident Laurie Groskopf about the need for local control of wolf population.

“W e don’t want any of that crap here.” — Rib Lake Village president Bill Schreiner about reports of drugs being sold out of a local tavern.

“O nce you get that love of being in the woods, it never goes away.”— Rib Lake school board president Steve Martin about a project in the school forest.

“L et’s see who goes to jail, the superintendent on the board president.” — Administrator Pat Sullivan in response to a suggestion by school board president Dave Fleegel to have the district call the state’s bluff and start school next year on Monday, Aug. 30.