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Climate change presents security risks to America

Vox Pop

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos recently criticized Gov. Tony Evers’ climate change task force, claiming that it was created for political purposes. With respect to global warming, Vos stated: “I have no idea why it is occurring nor do most people on the planet.”

To counter this misinformation, I want to draw attention to a remarkable document on climate change and national security. On September 24, 64 senior military and security leaders endorsed “A Climate Security Plan for America.” It is signed by over 20 admirals and generals, including Rear Admiral David Titley, former Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy, and General Gordon Sullivan, former Chief of Staff of the Army.

The report asserts that increases in extreme weather “can devastate essential energy, financial and agricultural centers that undergird U.S. and global economic viability and the well-being of our populations.” It calls for initiatives to improve the resilience of our critical infrastructure and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. and globally in order to avoid “catastrophic security consequences.”

When Evers created this state task force, he affirmed: “So not only is climate change real, but also it is an immediate threat to the state, our economy, our way of life and for the future of all generations of Wisconsinites.”

Evers is not alone in his assessment, and he should be commended for calling on us to work together on climate solutions. — Terry Hansen, Hales Corner